Gazing into the Crystal Ball

June 22, 2007 | Interviews

ST: Today we’re showing all of Cindy’s covers between our chat. All set for our last day, Cindy?
CSP: Ready to go. What do you want to know?

ST: What does the future hold for you?
CSP: If I knew that, I’d buy a lotto ticket! LOL More writing, I hope! Maybe even someday for one of the big-name houses.


ST: If you had one wish that would be granted, what would it be?
CSP: For my family and I to live long, healthy lives together. Sounds hokey, but really, isn’t that what we all want?


ST: How did you and your publishers come together?
CSP: I found one on-line and the other in a bookstore. I subbed like crazy until somebody took the bait.


ST: What’s in the works for the future?
CSP: I’ve just finished a sequel to DRAGON IN THE SYSTEM for Cerridwen/Ellora’s Cave and I’m getting started on the third cowboy book for Wild Rose Press. I also have a short story coming hopefully in July from Wild Rose Press, called BELTAINE BARGAIN. It’s a historical paranormal, so a bit of a change of pace, but fun, and an erotic Quickie from Ellora’s Cave called (go ahead and laugh, I did) BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD-ON in October.


ST: Thanks, Cindy, for spending so much time with us. It’s been a great week and I’ve enjoyed learning more about you. The very best to you in the future and keep us posted on your future releases.
CSP: Thanks for the invitation. It’s been fun talking to you, and if any of the readers have any further questions, I’d be happy to answer them. There’s a contact me page on my website, or they can catch me on one of the loops!

ST: Have a good day, everyone. I’ll be back on Saturday with an informative blog on publishing. Until then…

Happy writing,

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2 Responses to “Gazing into the Crystal Ball”

  1. lainey bancroft Says:

    BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD-ON…all right, I admit, I laughed. 😛

    But I really I just wanted to pop back in and thank you for answering my question earlier in the week. I’m such a newbie. Still trying to figure all these things out. The two shorts I’ve written for last rose are quite sweet. The majority of what I write is quite…NOT sweet. So I am trying to decide if a different WRP line will be enough. A different publisher? A different NAME??

    I appreciate your input.

    Great interview. Thanks Sloane & Cindy!

  2. Sloane Says:

    You’re very welcome, Lainey!