Reviews for Francine on Fire

FOUR ANGELS from Fallen Angel Reviews

Ms. Taylor has written a story that takes the reader on a journey of the love between an older woman and her insecurities and the younger man who doesn’t see age at all. The two characters are intriguing in not only the developing relationship but in their own personal growth. The supporting casts of characters are just as interesting and flesh out the story to bring a delightful tale of love, sexual heat, and friendships to the enjoyment of the readers. When an author can describe a city or country and make the reader feel as if they are there, that is a good story teller, and Ms. Taylor certainly doesn’t disappoint. She brings the story to life with not only her descriptions of Germany and Italy, but also with her characters.

Reviewed by: Donna
Fallen Angel Reviews

FOUR CUPS from Coffee Time Romance

Francine on Fire is a sizzling read the moment Francine sets her sights on Heicke; like someone striking a match and setting the room a blaze. With the twists and turns that stumble in their path, I kept wondering would they ever find true love. Sloane Taylor creates characters that spring from the pages. Francine and Heicke share moments of learning to trust and love. I found this an entertaining read with realistic individuals facing real problems.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

4 HEARTS from Night Owl Romance

This is a first I have read from Sloane Taylor and have to say she sure knows passion. Between Francine and Heicke it was like figuring out where one began. These two are great yet it takes a lot of hard work on Heicke to make Francine see they are meant for each other. I loved it and other readers will like it as well.

Reviewed by Melinda