Reviews for Teddi Turns On

Red Rose Reviews – 5 Red Roses

“Teddi has been a widow for several years, and has devoted herself to her business in an effort to fight the loneliness and grief. Her friends and younger sister are constantly telling her to move on, and they have packed her cases with a lot of sexy fun clothing, which she wouldn’t have bought for herself.

Now Teddi’s business is in trouble because someone reneged on a big deal and she is on her way to Munich to try and sort out the mess. At the airport she notices a particular man watching her, and despite her feelings of betrayed loyalty to her lost husband, she starts to have sensual dreams about him. Unknown to Teddi she is featuring largely in David Stiefel’s dreams, and David is a successful man who goes after what he wants – which all leads to fun and games in Munich!

This is a highly sensual book with a lot of strong sex scenes, but it is also very much a romance. David is the arrogant, commanding hero we all love and Teddi’s need for love touches the heart. If you enjoy strong sexual scenes you will love this and I recommend it to you for a very enjoyable read.”

Award five red roses.

Reviewed by Morna, Red Rose Reviews

The Romance Studio – 5 hearts

“Theodora Howard was on a mission; she might not be in Chicago anymore, but she was definitely going to take care of business! Her small Chicago-based travel agency was getting shafted by her Munich, Germany, contact who was costing her money as well as making her business falter. She was determined to force him to make good his promises to her company. He owed her and she intended making him pay!

Meanwhile, there was this dynamite-looking man at the airport who boarded the same plane as she and then landed in Munich with her. She could daydream, but that was all. She had been widowed three years ago, but she still wore her wedding ring, at least until her business partner suggested she remove it and try to loosen up and have fun. How did the man from the plane find her hotel? And what did he want with her? What was his connection with Claus, her dishonest business contact? This is an incredible story which anyone would find intriguing.

Sloane Taylor has written a fascinating book about the growing love of two people who have previously had neither the time nor the inclination to search. There are sub characters that are wonderfully interactive to the couple; however, the basic story centers around the two who find something in each other which was never before present. Ms. Taylor certainly knows how to hold the reader’s attention while presenting her obvious alpha male and a not-to-be intimidated female counterpart. I found the entire story captivating and, of course, recommend it highly!”

Reviewed by Brenda Talley

“Teddi Howard had no idea when she boarded that flight for Munich her life was about to change forever. From the moment David Stiefel saw her was interested in who she was.

It had been just three years ago her husband Matthew had passed on leaving Teddi to run the business on her own. Now trips were just business,without Matthew life just wasn’t enjoyable anymore. They had spent every moment together and when he was diagnosed with his fate Teddi spent every moment with him until the end. A part of Teddi died that day with Matthew a part that she never thought she’d get back again.

David made Munich an adventure, made her feel alive and in love again.

The last three years had washed away in his arms and all that mattered was she was in love again. This was no romantic affair, this was forever.

A book that packs a lot of story in its pages. A great summer read and one that readers will enjoy.”

– Reviewed by Louise Riveiro-Mitchell for The Road to Romance, August 3, 2006

Just Erotic Romance Reviews – 4 Stars

“In order to save her company’s reputation, Theodora ‘Teddi’ Howard is on her way to Germany to give a sleazy tour operator in Munich a piece of her mind. German businessman, David Stiefel is alone on his way back home when by chance he meets Teddi at the airport. From the moment he first sees her, David is drawn to Teddi and falls hard for her. Would this magnificent man of Munich turn our lady’s head and make her forget the ghosts of her past or will Teddi’s second chance at love bring her nothing but new heart ache?

Teddi is a strong, intelligent woman who is easy to relate to and admire. She is an exact portrayal of a widow who is emotionally high strung after her beloved husband’s death and does not want to be attached to any man. She knows that she needs to get a life but is just not ready for self exploration. While David has charm, his macho attitude was a complete turn off at times but you forgive him after learning that he became the backbone of his family at a very early age. The chemistry between Teddi and David was intense despite Teddi’s guilt of being unfaithful to her dead husband. The love scenes were sizzling and sensual with the ability to send your pulse sky-rocketing as the romance melts your heart. Most of this superb fairy tale is spun around Teddi being ready for dipping her toes into romance once again. The plot is well-written with delicious complications and a super secondary cast including Teddi’s younger sister, Lonnie who adds a young energy to Teddi’s tale. The villain evokes a feeling of disgust and you can’t help hating him. A terrific beginning to the Magnificent Men of Munich miniseries, Teddi Turns On comes very highly recommended. It’ll take you on a tour of Munich without making you leave your home. Ms. Taylor is truly an author to watch out for.”

– Reviewed by Mahaira Fatima, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Euro-Reviews gives this book a 4.5 out of 5

“Teddi Howard is mad at a Munich, German tour operator who reneged on Teddi’s travel company’s contract. So, she boards a plane to find the operator in hopes that they will be able to work something out. While on the plane Teddi notices a rather handsome man who keeps giving her the eye. But Teddi still feels the need to wear her wedding ring, even though she has been a widow for three years. After giving thought to how she needs to move on, Teddi slips off her ring and is ready to move on with her life.

David Stiefel a successful German businessman, has been eyeing that sexy woman every since she dropped her ticket before she boarded her flight. He was pleasantly surprised when he realized they were on the same flight out to Germany from Chicago. He just cannot keep his eyes away from this woman. When the two of them arrive in Munich they go their separate ways. Neither on of them expects to ever see each other again. But by chance they happen to end up at the same restaurant. David soon phones Teddi and asks her out. She tries to decline but David will not take no for an answer.

Teddi Turns On is quite an enjoyable read. The characters are great! First time author Sloane Taylor, did a wonderful job delving into the minds of her characters. Sloane wrote them exactly how I would envision an attractive widow woman ready to move on or a handsome German man who is success in the business world. I love the parts of this story when Sloane Taylor writes about the character’s fantasies. I think I’ve quite seen that before. That let me understand the characters more because of their fantasies. Teddi Turns On is a great story that I recommend for readers looking for a wonderfully written love story.”

Reviewed by Chantay

Accolades from Joyfully Reviewed

“Teddi Howard is the widowed owner of a struggling travel agency who has decided to travel to Munich, Germany, to confront the owner of a tour operator. The added blow of this tour operator’s shady business practices may well kill her travel agency if she cannot get him to fulfill his side of their agreement, or obtain a return of the money she’d already paid to him.

David Stiefel is the currently owner and operator of his family’s boot business. In addition to working to keep his grandparent’s business alive and well, he’s stuck cleaning up after his cousin’s horrible business practices.

David becomes aware of Teddi on the long flight to Germany but Teddi’s determined to focus only on the business she has with the tour operator…until she and David meet up again at a local restaurant. Her sister and staff keep encouraging her to take off her wedding ring and live life again, even going so far as to replace her clothes with sexy and flattering ones without her knowledge.

In TEDDI TURNS ON, I was totally entranced watching Teddi learn to let go of her dead husband and how she tries to confront her fears of whether or not it is acceptable to continue on without him. I was particularly impressed with how Sloane manages to convey the fact that Teddi loved her husband completely but he was not a saint or flawless – yet it didn’t make him unlovable.

David’s frustrations at having to cope with his cousin out of duty were palpable and his growing fascination for Teddi was a pleasure to watch.

TEDDI TURNS ON is a terrific story with twists and turns that didn’t leave me confused or annoyed, I loved the characterization of Teddi and David and the lovely German backdrop.

This is Sloane Taylor’s first book and I certainly hope it will not be her last.”

Reviewed by Maura

Romance Junkies gives this book 4.5 blue ribbons

“Teddi Howard’s travel agency is in financial trouble. All because the Munich tour operator who reneged on a group tour that would have made her company a tidy profit. While visiting Germany, she fully intends to confront the little weasel about his business practices. Teddi’s been a widow for the past three years. Her friends are encouraging her to let go of her deceased husband and move on with life and love.

German Businessman, David Stiefel, has his hands full dealing with his cousin’s horrid business practices. Stiefel, Ltd. needs to expand and therefore must be above reproach, especially since the government is auditing them. There’s no time for romance, and even if there was, David’s had his heart broken once, he’s not about to risk it again.

David first encounters Teddi in the O’Hare Airport where they’re both waiting in the Business Class. As luck would have it, she dropped her ticket and he used the opportunity to get to meet her. He thought she was interested in him, that her innocent glances and dropping such an important document are ploys. Teddi has her mind on other things however, the Munich tour operator’s shoddy treatment. She’s already sent him a sizable check which he cashed. Teddi’s vacation trip is going to have to include a confrontation. No way is she going to allow him to squirm his way out of the contract and keep her company’s hard earned money. David is quite enamored by Teddi’s looks and quiet, unassuming personality. Once the plane arrives in Germany, they each go their separate ways only to meet up again at a local restaurant. Teddi turns out to be a temptation that David can’t resist. Will Teddi’s tour operator problems turn out to be more than either of them can handle?

Brand spankin’ new author, Sloane Taylor’s TEDDI TURNS ON will have readers wanting to travel to Germany and experience the charm of the country and the intensity of the men for themselves. I was charmed by Teddi’s obvious love for her deceased husband and her mixed feelings about moving on without him. David’s bold pursuit doesn’t give her much of a chance to second guess herself. It was very easy to become absorbed in the plot and the characters’ lives. Now I’m dying of curiosity about Teddi’s little sister, Lonni. We get snippets about her throughout the story and it looks like she’s going to be visiting Germany too. Fingers crossed that we will soon be seeing another of these wonderful heartfelt tales from Ms. Taylor.”

– Reviewed by Chrissy Dionne

High Praise from Rendezvous

“Widow Teddi Howard is too absorbed with the Munich tour operator who did a one-eighty on their contract, afraid it’s the end of her long established travel agency, to pay attention to the sexy man who returns the airline ticket she dropped.

Her younger sister, Eleanor (Lonnie), and her office manager, Francine, insist Teddi take off her wedding ring then find a man with whom to have great sex. Teddi is just not ready, even though her daydreams should have told her differently.

David Stiefel, however, is not so oblivious to Teddi and how she fills out…well, everything.

To this reader’s delight, Teddi finds, with David leading the way, she is indeed ready for a sexual adventure that singes the pages. This story is smooth as silk as it leads from one delight to another, to say nothing of the fantastic sex scenes. Ms Taylor has caught the essence of Munich and its beauty–as well as the essence of a hero who will leave you craving more.”

– Reviewed by Virginia Deweese

“Teddi and David are the international stars in Sloane Taylor’s dynamite-laden debut erotica novel. Sexy, sophisticated, loads of fun to read. TEDDI TURNS ON takes us from the U.S. to Germany, where this dynamic duo learns the hard way what love really is.

A fast, smooth, boiling hot read!”

– Beth Anderson, Award-Winning, Bestselling Author

“I give this newbie author two thumbs up. I wanted to hop a jet after reading TEDDI TURNS ON and to find a German hero of my own.”

– Sherrill Quinn, Author of Chocolate-Covered Werewolves

“Sloane Taylor pens a hot, sexy read, well worth the money. Keep an eye out for her next book in this electrifying series.”

– Jenna Howard, Author of Spring Flings Anthology

“Taylor has set a new standard for sizzling hot, erotic romance.”

– Lynda K. Scott, Author of Heartstone