Newsletters – 2006

August 2006

Welcome to the first edition of my quarterly newsletter. The goal here is to keep it short so as not to take away from your busy schedules. I hope you enjoy it. Please send me any and all feedback. Your input is important to me.


Triskelion Publishing has offered me a three book contract for LONNIE HEATS UP, FRANCINE ON FIRE, and ISABELLA IGNITES which I signed in a heartbeat. These are the remaining books in the Magnificent Men of Munich series and should be released respectively in December 2006, February 2007, and May 2007.

Triskelion has also requested the synopses for two more books NEVER DANCE WITH AN UGLY MAN and SHE WOULDN’T DIE. If the proposal is accepted the books will be available late 2007.


Studly and I, along with our friends Bonnie and Tom, did a three week trip through Italy, Austria, and Germany. We all had a wonderful time sightseeing and riding the trains. Eating and drinking with the delightful people we met from many of the other European countries was great and provided me with lots of inspiration. The good news – we didn’t kill each other. The better news – none of us gained weight.

During the stringent airport security in London, American Airlines lost one of our suitcases. I was sick because it was the bag with all our souvenirs, Studs camera, and my edits, along with the notes on the next three books. Why couldn’t it have been the one with our dirty clothes! That lost bag traveled more through Europe than we did and took five days to come home. I’m happy to report everything was in tact.


While we were away I had plenty of free time while Studs, Bonnie, and Tom explored the Zugspitz, the tallest Alp in Germany at 10,000 feet, and Bertschesgarten, Hitler’s hideaway. I made good use of that time by editing LONNIE HEATS UP. The revisions also freed me up to write over 7,000 new words to flesh out the story.

Here’s a quote from Studs on Italy, “Breasts and traffic are what you need to watch.” Believe me; I will use that in FRANCINE ON FIRE which takes place in Venice.


Each newsletter I’ll run a contest. One name will be drawn. The prizes are a free copy of my latest book, two bars of honey soap, and honey lip balm to keep your mouth soft and kissable. All you have to do, for this first contest, is sign the guestbook on my website and you’re entered! The drawing will be held October 6, Studs birthday. Good Luck!!


August 24 – I’ll be chatting at Coffee Time Romance 9:00p.m. EST. Please join me. The link is: Click onto Enter Chat Now.

September 5 – Check out Yasmine Phoenix’s blog at I’ll be answering a ton of questions about what happened on my road to publication.

September 13 – I’ll be chatting at Fallen Angels Review 9:00p.m. EST. Please join me. The link is:

Thanks for letting me update you on my life. Please remember, I welcome feedback.

Have a wonderful end of summer and I’ll be back in November.

All my best,



December 2006

Issue two of the newsletter and we’re still going strong. As before, you’re input to improve this newsletter is important to me. Please send me any and all suggestions. I appreciate you taking the time to do it.


Triskelion Publishing has picked up another of my manuscripts, NEVER DANCE WITH AN UGLY MAN. The book is 85,000 words and due June 30, 2007. A released date hasn’t been set, but my best guess is December 2007.

Triskelion’s Senior Editor Gail Northman has requested I write a Feverish Interlude. The 10,000 – 25,000 word novellas are explicit, erotic, and fun to write. The one I’m working on is TASTE OF THE DRAGON. It will be finished and submitted before Christmas.

I was shocked and pleased to learn that Write Workshop is using my writing tips for their online classes. It’s a huge honor and I’m thankful to them.


Studs and I are season ticket holders for the Chicago Bears. Every home game we tailgate with our friends Nancy and Rita. Nancy is an excellent cook who has taken our meals to a new height. We’ve feasted on beef tenderloin with béarnaise sauce, mock chicken legs (check out the December menu on my website for the recipe), and butterfly pork chops. I haven’t begun to brag about her mouthwatering potatoes or garlic bread. Nancy prepares all of this on a charcoal grill and I’m envious of her talents as I stuff myself to the brim.

This month we have three home games, Dec. 3, 17, and 31. At this point all of them kickoff at noon which is great because every New Year’s Eve Studs and I go alone to our favorite restaurant for a three hour meal. It’s our private celebration of the past year, good and bad. You know what’s cool about Studs? He said if they change the last game to an evening one, we’ll give up our tickets so we can still have our New Year’s Eve tradition. God, I love that romantic devil.


I’ve been working on the last two books for the Magnificent Men of Munich series, FRANCINE ON FIRE and ISABELLA IGNITES, as well as the Feverish Interlude. My goal is 2,000 words a day, be it in one story or spread across all three. At times it’s slow going what with the holidays racing up and all the preparation, but there’s this excellent support system in place, without them I’d lose my mind.

“B”, my daughter, Studs and my critique group understand the pressure and are there to push me forward. However, if any of you have a time management plan you’d care to share, I’d be grateful.


It’s time for another Newsletter Readers Only Contest.

I’m searching for the first and last name of the female villain in SHE WOULDN’T DIE. The story is suspense with strong romantic elements. This nasty piece of work is a wealthy Bostonian in her 50’s who uses men without any remorse. She is sophisticated and loves the Mozart Festival in Salzburg, Austria which she attends yearly. She is also not above murder.

This quarter we have two prizes of $15 Bath & Body Works gift cards. One will be given for the first name selected and the other for the surname. Enter as many times as you like. The same person is eligible for both prizes. Please email your entries to and type CONTEST on the subject line. The drawings will be held December 30, B’s birthday, and announced January 2 on my blog. Good Luck!!


December 4
Interview with Tami Dee

December 5
All Day
Blogging at Triskelion Publishing

December 6
Interview with The Romance Studio Blue

December 10
9pm EST
Coffee Time Romance

December 15
1 – 4 pm EST
Christmas Party at Karen Find Out About New Books

Thanks for letting me update you on my life. Please remember I welcome your feedback.

Have a wonderful holiday and I’ll be back in February.

All my best,