March 27, 2006 | Family

Today is Studly’s oldest daughter’s birthday. Bean is a very young and happy thirty-something and shares her life with a great guy. They have this dynamite three year old son who is filled with energy and imagination. They are the perfect family.

Bean has an artistic talent inherited from her mom. They attend art classes together and therefore share a unique bond above being mother and daughter. If not both, at least Bean should be instructing young people on the benefits of drawing.

So a very Happy Birthday, Bean! You’re a terrific woman.


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6 Responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!”

  1. Bean Says:

    Sharon, thanks so much for the birthday greetings, and the wonderful dinner you cooked for me and my family yesterday 🙂 Now about the art, For those of you who don’t know Sharon, she gives the words “subtle hint” a whole new meaning. Which means her books are going to be just fabulous!! 🙂 not only did I get the message in her blog, but her and “my dad studly” gave me a beautiful portfolio to replace my disintegrating one and some charcoal pencils and seriously my favorite – the rubber stretchy eraser. I swear if she could, she would tie me to a chair in an art studio and make me draw until my arm fell off! All kidding aside, she’s a woman who knows how to truly believe and succeed in chasing your dreams. No wonder “my dad studly” digs her!!
    Ok, now I gotta go becuase somehow studly and dad just shouldn’t go in the same sentence. ewwwwwww Thanks again Sharon!!

  2. Sloane Says:

    You’re very welcome, honey.

    Tying you to a chair? You’re absolutely right. You’re too talented to waste a gift from God. Now do it, dammit!

    About your second to the last sentence, I think I have to agree. LOL. Isn’t it wonderful we have a different appreciation for the same great guy?

  3. Yasmine Says:

    Sharon, you’re great! My hubby also appreciates you, especially the receipes. I made the chicken and Italian sausage, very little left. Even JMan ate it (not the Italian sausage, the chicken he ate)

  4. Sloane Says:

    Glad they liked. It’s so easy it’s well worth it.

  5. For The Trees Says:

    Sloane, you’re the ONLY blogger I will come back to every day in hopes you’ve posted, especially on those days you don’t post. That says a lot about your content/topics.

    That said, why don’t you give us a post? It doesn’t HAVE to be a heavy writing craft post…you CAN tell us lies, like I do on my blog!!!

  6. Sloane Says:

    Forrest, you always perk me up and today I needed it.

    Thanks for the idea and I’ll do as you ask. Teddi and David are chomping at the bit to get out there and tell the world what a bitch I really am!

    Starting tomorrow we’ll do a little light hearted.