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We’re Back!

August 15, 2006 | Studly

Sheesh, it’s good to be back in the USA after all the airport problems in London.

We had a great time on our trip. Spent way too much money (the rate of exchange sucked for the dollar) and ate fantastic meals too many times each day. Studs and I didn’t gain weight, not only are we amazed but also very grateful. Those damned new pants of mine are tight enough!

Italy was hot. One day in Rome the temp topped 100F with a 96% humidity. What else can you do but suck down a few dynamite Italian beers to cool off?

Austria and Germany were a whole different thing when the temps dipped down into the mid 50s. I knew I should have brought at least one pair of slacks. We had rain almost daily, but we refused to let it stop us.

One serious mishap was American Airlines losing my suitcase with all the souvenirs for our kids and friends, not too mention Studs good camera and my completed work on the next three books.

On a really bright note – when I opened my emails there was a three book contract from Triskelion for the remaining books in the Magnificent Men of Munich series. Thank you my wonderful publisher and editors!!

Today is the day for drawing two names from people who signed up for my quarterly newsletter. If you haven’t joined you still have some time!!



Too Good for Words

December 7, 2005 | Studly

Okay all you lascivious Vixens, I was out this morning finishing my Christmas shopping because last night put me in the mood. Um, um, oh yeah, for Christmas shopping.

The concert was beyond phenomenal. Bocelli sang 15 songs, mostly Christmas, and the majority in Italian. He has an unbelieveable voice range and doesn’t use a microphone. The arena holds 50,000 and there were about 10,000 attending. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when he sang Ave Maria. The real joy came when he sang White Christmas in Italian. BEAUTIFUL.

Denyce Graves, an alto with the Metropolitan Opera, sang several pieces solo and with Bocelli. She’s a beautiful woman with a magnificent voice.

The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra provided the music. Conductor Edwin Outwater is energetic and inovative. He also led the Westminster Concert Choir who outdid anyone I’ve ever heard singing the Messiah.

The two and a half hour concert was interspersed with segments from the Nutcracker performed by the Kyin Ballet from the Ukraine. The grace and ease these ballerinas have is just like butterflies kissing a babies cheek. I was lost in the romance of their dance.

The Ukranian Shumka Dancers performed five numbers from their country with gorgeous costumes and more pizazz than any other folkloric group I’ve ever seen.

A magical evening is all I can say and I love you Studly!


P.S. By the way, my daughter called this morning to let me know she certainly does know who Andrea Bocelli is and wasn’t happy I made that smart-ass comment in yesterday’s blog. I apologize, Sweet “B”, but you did say it even if I knew you were joking. Last year for Christmas, she and her husband gave me three Bocelli cd’s. So yes my gorgeous hopefully forgiving “B”, I apologize and will TRY to behave in the future.


I Am One Lucky Woman

December 6, 2005 | Studly

I figure any guy who could put up with me as long as Studly deserves his own category. Sure, I’m his love slave and lapping up every second of his attention, but sometimes the man just blows me away. My history is a long line of colossal fuck-ups, which we won’t go into because my dial-up would shut down, so perhaps you can understand my feelings.

One day on the golf course the Studemeister, as my bud Perky calls him, drove his way right into my heart. No – the ball didn’t bounce off my body. Across the fairway was a man with the most expressive brown eyes I’d ever had the pleasure to drool over. It was the start of a relationship I pray lasts forever.

We enjoy all types of music, some more than others. Sarah Brightman is Stud’s fantasy, man do I fall short of that mark, and I adore Andrea Bocelli who makes very few U.S. appearances.

There’s been ads in our papers for a one night performance by Senor Bocelli at the United Center in Chicago. I latched onto that info faster than the IRS with my last tax return. Unfortunately the tickets were way over the top and I let go of my dream to see this fantastic Northern Italian singer in person.

A while back Studs informed me not to make plans for December 6. No problem. Then Saturday he said he wanted to give me my birthday present early. Nope, not happy. Birthdays were and are something I choose to ignore and it’s not because they add a year to my life. But the guy was adament. He was also grinning like he’d won the lottery and a whole lot of nervous. So who am I to deprive the love of my life the pleasure of gift giving? Hot Damn and every other phrase expressing major excitement, Studly DoRight, the greatest guy on earth, handed me two tickets. As if you all hadn’t guessed. Now you know why I don’t write mysteries.

I apologize for rambling here but I had to tell someone. The few other people I’d told hadn’t a clue about Andrea Bocelli. Even my daughter thought he was a new rap star. Where did I go wrong?

So it’s off line to primp and pamper because this old broad takes a long time to look good.