I Am One Lucky Woman

December 6, 2005 | Studly

I figure any guy who could put up with me as long as Studly deserves his own category. Sure, I’m his love slave and lapping up every second of his attention, but sometimes the man just blows me away. My history is a long line of colossal fuck-ups, which we won’t go into because my dial-up would shut down, so perhaps you can understand my feelings.

One day on the golf course the Studemeister, as my bud Perky calls him, drove his way right into my heart. No – the ball didn’t bounce off my body. Across the fairway was a man with the most expressive brown eyes I’d ever had the pleasure to drool over. It was the start of a relationship I pray lasts forever.

We enjoy all types of music, some more than others. Sarah Brightman is Stud’s fantasy, man do I fall short of that mark, and I adore Andrea Bocelli who makes very few U.S. appearances.

There’s been ads in our papers for a one night performance by Senor Bocelli at the United Center in Chicago. I latched onto that info faster than the IRS with my last tax return. Unfortunately the tickets were way over the top and I let go of my dream to see this fantastic Northern Italian singer in person.

A while back Studs informed me not to make plans for December 6. No problem. Then Saturday he said he wanted to give me my birthday present early. Nope, not happy. Birthdays were and are something I choose to ignore and it’s not because they add a year to my life. But the guy was adament. He was also grinning like he’d won the lottery and a whole lot of nervous. So who am I to deprive the love of my life the pleasure of gift giving? Hot Damn and every other phrase expressing major excitement, Studly DoRight, the greatest guy on earth, handed me two tickets. As if you all hadn’t guessed. Now you know why I don’t write mysteries.

I apologize for rambling here but I had to tell someone. The few other people I’d told hadn’t a clue about Andrea Bocelli. Even my daughter thought he was a new rap star. Where did I go wrong?

So it’s off line to primp and pamper because this old broad takes a long time to look good.


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13 Responses to “I Am One Lucky Woman”

  1. Jenna Howard Says:

    Wow…you better reward Studly big time. Big. Time. (You can thank me later, Studly.) Gawd. Andrea. Bocelli. What a voice. Goo, baby. Goo.

    I saw Sarah Brightman for my birthday a couple of years ago. I hate her. Gorgeous voice. Gorgeous figure. Gorgeous hair. I hate her. Bitch. I wanna be her.

    Happy early birthday. Hah! Had to sneak that in. Well, you called me isane on my blog. So I had to zing ya back.

    I’m not insane. I’m not certifiable. I’m the serene one damn it! You said so. And you can’t take it back.

  2. Kate Lang Says:

    That Studly…what a keeper. Hang onto him, Sloane. Wrap your arms around him like manacles and never, ever let go. Does that sound creepy? Hmmm. Probably. Oh well, some say obsession and stalking are bad…I just think they show that you’ve got chutzpah.

    Do you think keeping him chained the the bed is a bad idea?

    Kate 🙂

    P.S. Happy Birthday…

  3. Sloane Says:

    I would never take it back and it’s your SITE with the serene image. You are NEVER going to be serene and that’s why we love you.

    I shall overlook the zing and thank you for the spirit for which it was intended.

    Where did you see Sarah Brightman? We’ve been looking all around the world and never come up with her performing? Yeah, like I want to sit there in my size 14 while she struts around in her size zero singing like an angel and waving around her beautiful brunette curls. In my next life I want to look just like her and I don’t even care if I can’t sing.

    Studly is probably planning the after show. Is it wrong to fantasize if your partner is doing the same?

  4. Sloane Says:

    Thanks for the advice, Mama. Chaining him to the bed is a marvelous idea, one I could really get into. Manacles aren’t creepy if you use the ones with pink fur on the inside. LOL.

    Hmm, now where’s that catalog I hid….

  5. Yasmine Says:

    Hmm, lapping and blow away. Two sexual terms if I ever heard them. How awesome! He’s fantastic, a keeper, and doer. Make sure you get that doer part right. So after this fantastic evening, you’ll be able to get back to Teddi and David – right? Such inspiration will have you writing for DAYS!! Comma Queen.

  6. Jenna Howard Says:

    She came to Calgary. It was awesome.

    Damn it. I will be the Serene One if it kills me.

  7. Sloane Says:

    Knock it off and go prepare for Friday.

  8. Jenna Howard Says:


    The Serene One is wounded. To the heart. The Serene One sheds a tear.

    Enh. Screw this.

    Serenity is so god damn sweet.

    The Diva’s going to work now. Oh yeah. That’s better. 😉

  9. Maya Reynolds Says:

    What a lovely birthday present and what a lovely man.

    I’m so happy for you, Sloane. Bocelli’s Romanza is one of my favorite albums and I love “Con Te Partiro.”

    Have fun at the concert. Think of it as a wonderful start to your next year of living.

    Lots of love,


  10. Sloane Says:

    Thanks, Maya. You have a good outlook on life and are always happy to share.

    You’re right on Romanza and “Con Te Partiro”. I know it means time to say good-bye, but do you know any more of the translation? Someone told me it meant the man had to leave his lover because he needed to return to his wife. Is that true?

  11. Sherrill Quinn Says:

    Well, looks like I’m gonna wade in a little late here, but better late than never, right? How awesomely fantastic of Studly to do such a great thing for you. Everyone’s right when they say he’s a keeper. Wrap yourself around him and don’t let him go!

  12. Yasmine Says:

    Must have been a great night. Wink,nod,snort. No blog today, or have you returned home? By the way,where is home? Back to commas.

  13. Maya Reynolds Says:

    Sloane: Re “con te partiro.” “con te” is easily translated into “with you.” I’m guessing it translates to “parting with you.” My Italian is, of course, based on the southern Italian of my grandparents. They would have said “separazione con te” so “partiro” may be a specific regional or slang term for leaving one’s mistress. I’m just not sure.

    How was last night????? The concert, I mean.