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August 25, 2014

I am excited to announce Musa Publishing has just release my four Magnificent Men of Munich books in a box set and priced at $2.99.

Icy German reserve melts with hot-blooded American passion.

Heated Negotiations Book 1
Mergers and negotiations are not just for the boardroom, especially when things heat up high over the Atlantic.

Travel agency owner Teddi Howard is Hell in high heels when she jumps a plane to Munich. Her goal—strangle the German tour operator who reneged on their exclusive contract.

Winter Games Book 2
As the games heat up, the stakes grow higher, and Lonnie must decide whether to play along or leave her heart out in the cold.

Lonnie Copley may be a genius, but not when it comes to her personal life. A series of wrong turns puts her far from reality and the German autobahn. The last thing she wants on the eve of a snowstorm is to be dangling at the edge of an Austrian mountain in need of rescue—especially by a leather-clad giant with Johnny Depp eyes.

Perfect Lie Book 3
A seedling of doubt will unravel even a perfect lie.

After two ex-husbands and a con artist, Francine Daniels has had it with men. Her life is finally the way she wants it — successful and complete. At least she thinks so until a working vacation in Munich brings her face to face with a sexy German hotelier who sees right through her brash exterior and makes her sizzle with his every touch.

Yesterday’s Lovers Book 4
Isabella Carrington has never wanted for anything her entire pampered life — except for love.

No matter how many designer items she buys or men she conquers, Isabella Carrington never seems to find what she’s looking for. When she meets the one man in the world completely unaffected by her charms, she is determined to have him, even if it means a dunk in the Grand Canal.

Warning: This eBook contains language, content, images, and scenes that depict profanity, violence, sexuality/sexual relations or other content that is intended for mature adult readers. This eBook is meant only for adults as defined by the laws of the country or region where you made your purchase. If you are under the age of maturity, if adult material offends you, or if it is illegal to read, view, purchase, or own such material in your community please be warned that this eBook may contain objectionable content. Store your eBook carefully so that it cannot be accessed by younger readers.

To read more on this book or purchase, please click a vendor’s name Musa PublishingAmazon.

To read excerpts from my other erotic romances, please click a vendor’s name Musa Publishing or Amazon.

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Just for You – Absolutely FREE

July 21, 2014

I am excited to announce that my latest release All Roads Lead to Lucca, a FREE erotic romance, is now available for you reading pleasure.

Roads less traveled often hold the greatest rewards.

CEO Julia Dickenson is no longer consumed by the past. She is now eager to move forward and embrace the future. To celebrate her monumental decisions, Julia is on a short holiday in Italy when fate knocks her off balance and into the arms of a Roman god.

Letting go is difficult for Lucca Albanese, even though he wants to be happy again. He struggles daily with the inept employees at his tour company, the loneliness that rules his life, and his adult children who give him no peace.

Lucca’s headaches go on holiday when a disastrous tour throws him together with a fiery woman who is determined to enjoy life to the fullest, no matter what road she travels.

“I do not want to leave, Julia.” Lucca stepped back. “But are you sure this is what you want?”

“More than anything.”

The doors silently slid apart, and they stepped inside the cage.

“No regrets in the morning?” His worried face reflected in the marbled glass.

She wrapped her arm around his waist and murmured, “Lucca, this is everything I want right now. Let’s make the most of my short stay.”

The elevator stopped, and they walked to her room in silence with their arms twined around each other. At her door, Julia fished in her purse for the keycard. Lucca shuffled from foot to foot.

“Are you as nervous as I am?” She handed him the card.

Lucca flashed a sheepish grin. “A long time has passed since I have been drawn to a woman, let alone in her bedroom.”

The door popped open, and they entered the dimly lit room. Julia dropped her purse on a chair and propped her treasured painting against the dresser mirror. She glanced up. Her eyes met his, and they held.

Lucca turned her in his arms. He cupped her face in his large hands and tilted her to him. A century of longing passed before he gently touched her lips with his. He tasted of rich foods and expensive wine, and she couldn’t get enough. She licked his lips, anxious for the dessert soon to come.

He skimmed his hand along her cheek and down to her throat. She wanted to tell him how much this meant to her, but words were impossible. Her heart stuttered, and breath caught in her throat. Moisture pooled between her clenched thighs. More than anything, she needed this amazing man’s bare skin next to hers. To feel him enter her. Pumping in and out. A shiver of desire arrowed to her clit.

She raised her arms. He skimmed her top up and off, and then her skirt floated into a puddle at her feet. Her breasts grew heavy. Her nipples tight and hard. He traced the swell of her right breast before he popped open the front closure clip of her bra. In an instant, the lace joined her other clothes. He glided his hands along her torso and ignited streaks of fire in their path. He dropped to his knees before he whisked her panties down her legs. She placed her hands on his shoulders and stepped clear of her scant lingerie. She stood before him wearing just her espadrilles.

Lucca pressed his hot cheek against her abdomen and murmured a string of sweet-sounding words. She ran her fingers through his silky hair and held him close. He pulled back and gazed up at her. His dark eyes were shiny and black. The skin pulled taut over his chiseled face.

“You are a beautiful woman, cara,” His voice came out raspy, almost harsh, as if he had gone for days without a sip of water. “A man must not hurry pleasuring a woman. He must savor every moment. I believe a woman is born to be cherished. Treasured, like priceless art or an exquisite day you must never forget.”

His palms followed the sweep of her hips as he pressed tender kisses along her pubic line. Her body trembled with longing. He inched her thighs apart and breathed deep. The musky aroma of her sex perfumed the air. He spread her legs wider as he lowered his head. The sight of his dark head between her thighs…

Download your FREE book HERE.

To read excerpts from my other erotic romances please click a vendor’s name:
Musa PublishingAmazon

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June 2, 2014

Look what’s coming to an eReader near you in just a few short weeks!

June 13, 2014 is the target date for the release of Naughty Ladies of Nice. The boxed set will be available at Musa Publishing, Amazon, and all other major vendors.

I’ll be back Wednesday with a new menu. Until then…

Happy Reading!

Sloane Taylor
Amazon Author Page

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Let’s Talk SIN

March 24, 2014

I’m excited to announce Stockholm SINdrome, Book 2 of Melt the Ice series, an erotic romance from Musa Publishing is now available.

Fire and Ice…

Hot nights and hotter moves melt the ice.

Battered American hockey player Colt Coltrane intends to concur Sweden. A bad spill on their ice and the goalie is at the tender mercies of a hot massage therapist with a grudge against all athletes. All his good intentions to behave go straight to hell when her warm hands stroke him.

Disa Ellstrom is disgusted with sports figures who expect more than a deep massage. She checked her cheating husband and her puck bunny status to build a practice to help people, not hurt them. But her frozen heart melts faster than a spring thaw when a sexy goalie limps into her life.

Combine a hot-blooded American with a Swedish spitfire and they’re sure to sin in Stockholm.

Disa ran her fingers along Colt’s deltoids. The strong muscles flex under her touch. His shyness had been endearing, along with confusing. Were his physical problem more than the normal aches and pains of a professional athlete? If so, she intended to help him overcome the situation. If not, he was in for a satisfying surprise. She hoped.

A quick scramble across the sheet gave him more room, and she tugged on his shoulders so he would lie back against the pillow. He winced, but continued to draw his legs up onto the bed.

She combed her fingers through the crisp auburn hairs sprinkled across his broad chest and descended to his beautiful hard dick nestled in a curly reddish tuft. She swallowed hard and foughti her desire to suck him until he came.

“You are a fine-looking man, Colt.” She rose onto her knees and traced a fingernail around his tight balls. Her vaginal muscles clenched.

He laid a hand on her calf and eased it up toward her thigh. He climbed higher. A shudder ran through her from his gentle massage over her rear end, up to the small of her back, then down. He slipped a finger between her cheeks.

Disa gasped and wiggled her ass, encouraging him to slip into her.She nipped at his balls and laved the tight sac, savoring the salty taste. She pumped his cock, starting slow and increasing the speed along with the pressure. His hips jerked, rocking with her rhythm and thrusting along her palm.

Colt maneuvered out from under Disa and knelt, facing her. He wrapped her in his arms and kissed her. A new world opened for her, a world of gentleness that brought tears to her eyes. She clung to him, loving his strength, relishing his taste. He pulled away. The skin was pulled taut over his cheekbones.

“It’s time to make you happy, baby. How about rolling over?” He tugged on her hip until she faced away from the brass headboard. “A little more to the center, so we can watch in the dresser mirror.”

She scooted across the rumpled linen and glanced into the antique glass. Their eyes met in the reflection, and breath caught in her throat.

“Spread your legs, Disa.” He gently nudged her shoulders to the mattress. “I promise to go easy.”

Kisses rained down her back as he mounted her. His thick cock played against her wet labia, the swollen head teasing into her. After a smooth thrust, he was inside. Filling her. One firm palm kneaded her lower abdomen, while his long fingers curled through her pubic hair and covered her mons. He stretched a finger along her nether lips, separating the folds, and massaged her fiery clit.

Tingles shot through her as she watched their wavy images across the room. His arm muscles bulged when he moved his hands to her hips, gripped them tight, and guided her to him.

He rocked into her. The strokes faster and faster. His balls slapped against her labia. He clutched her hips and slammed into her, riding her hard. She reared back, yet kept pace, and clenched her muscles to hold him tight and swallow him in deeper. She gritted her teeth to bite back the scream that tore through her. Her body pulsed with his touch, and she hungered for release from the magnificent torture that only he could provide. She clutched the sheets, wadding the warm material in her fists, and burrowed into them, inhaling his musky scent.

“Come for me, baby. God, I need you.” His voice rasped…

To celebrate the release of my newest book, I’m mailing bookmarks and trading cards to everywhere in the world! Please email me with SWAG PACK in the subject line and include your address in the body of the email. The packet will go out this week along with a bonus or two.:)


To read excerpts from my other erotic romances, please click here.

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The Temps are Freezing in the USA

February 3, 2014

but it’s Hotter than Hell in Finland!

ON FIRE IN FINLAND, Book 1 of Melt the Ice series, is now available.

Fire and ice…

White nights…White hot passion

Scorching vacation sex is uppermost in jingle writer Kate Adam’s mind during her few days in Finland. That was the plan until her sports car dies on a lonely ribbon of country road. Her fantasies reignite when a delicious looking blue collar local crawls past in his beater truck.

Hot women and expensive cars are always a temptation for Rurik Jaacko, and his downfall. This time he must stay focused and drive right past the shapely woman stranded on the side of the road. But manners force him pull over. A few moments with Kate sparks a sizzling attraction that has Rurik offering more than a simple tow.

Roadside assistance spins into a white-hot ride as Rurik and Kate butt heads and burn up the sheets.

With his hard-on raging, Rurik watched her nipples harden and peak through the thin knit shirt. Obviously their heated exchange excited her. Or perhaps that he had taken control.

Women want to be dominated.

“There are times a man must take a stand with an unruly woman.” He caught her wrist and tugged her closer.

“You wouldn’t dare!”

Color drained from her cheeks. But was that a sparkle in her eyes?

He stopped. What about the consequences? Either he would be a hero or Kate would pack her bags right after she rang the police.

“Yes, today I would.” He dropped onto a birch stump and, with a quick yank, upended her over his knees. Her perfect ass across his lap was too tempting not to continue.

“You’d better stop before it’s too late, buddy.” She turned her head and shot him a glare that could melt steel.

“It already is.” His palm came down with a resounding smack.

“Ouch.” She kicked her legs and wrestled beneath him.

He laid an arm over her shoulders to keep her in place and prayed he had made the right decision.

“Rurik, you are so going to pay for this,” she wailed, startling the birds from the trees.

And he would, right after he laid another open-palm swat on her firm ass.


She yelped at the contact. And he loved the sound. He might have been wrong about her being a spoiled, over-privileged woman, but a good spanking was in order to assert his authority. But he had better run like hell when he finally let her up because she was going to murder him.

His hand came down again, not quite as hard, and lingered on her sexy rear, petting away the sting. He ran his fingers along the curve of her cheeks hidden beneath the tight denim shorts. What did his handprint look like on her milky flesh? A stirring below his belt pressed against his fly and forced him to shift unsuccessfully under her weight.

She wiggled against his cock, enhancing his torture, and he failed to stifle the groan.

“Are you through beating me into submission?”

Her words came out breathlessly and reminded him of how she had purred against his balls the night before.

“No. I do not think so.”


His hand smacked solid on her ass. She shrieked. And he loved her reaction.

He grazed a finger under the ragged edge of her shorts and inched up the inside of her thigh, seeking the heat beneath her thong. He hooked the lacy strap and tugged, drawing it tight against her labia. He released it and yanked up again. Her soft gasp traveled on a gentle breeze.

The musky scent of her arousal drifted up and encouraged him to please her. He glided a finger closer to her folds, teasing along the way with light pinches to her flesh, until he slipped inside her hot channel. Her wet pussy flexed against him, clenching—relaxing, and milking his finger like her mouth had done to his cock.

“I think you like this, Kate.” He did.

A whimper rose like a caress. Her hair tumbled free as she nodded.

He pulled out, then slid back in with two fingers and pressed firmer against her wall.

“Should I continue your torture or”—he massaged up and down until she bucked against him—“take you into the house and fuck you fast and hard?”

A soft gurgle washed her words away, and his balls tightened.

Musa Publishing

To read excerpts from my other erotic romances, please click HERE.

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FRENCH Tickler is LIVE!

August 5, 2013

Musa Publishing and I are thrilled to announce FRENCH Tickler, book 5 and the last story in Naughty Ladies of Nice is now available.

Lace and handcuffs…tools of the trade.

New Yorker Samantha Bradley has a fun, sexy career designing ladies lingerie. Now that her business is on the rise, she treats herself to a well deserved break on the French Riviera where the women are glamorous and the men are gorgeous. After a few days Sam is eager to sample more than just the local cuisine.

Cisco Bernier is France’s key criminal prosecutor, but his courtroom charm falls flat outside the hallowed halls of justice. From family relationships to romantic trysts, his success rate is abysmal until a chance encounter with a sensuous young American businesswoman spins his staid world out of control.

Sam and Cisco sizzle together, but any future is threatened when their pasts collide. Her mob-connected father and his deceitful mother resurface and drag them into a corrupt world of lies and danger.

Sam tugged on the collar of her black blouse, fidgeted with her purse, refolded her shawl, and straightened the magazines on the coffee table for the third time, all the while she kept a sharp eye on the lobby door. She refused to check the clock over the front desk again. Cisco said he’d pick her up at the hotel, and she believed he’d follow through.

A tender sensation swept through her as she glimpsed a tall black haired man brush his way through the revolving door. Her happiness crashed to the marble floor when a blonde beauty, decked out in an off shoulder gown that screamed Donna Karan, wrapped herself around him like a cheap bath towel.

Patience turned to embarrassment that beat a hasty retreat from the anger building in her.

She hadn’t been stood up since she was fifteen. After her damned father ran off that hood wannabe Freddy LaFrano, the Italian guys had lost their balls. Not one of them asked her for a date again. The only guy who tried was a cute Irish kid. But the little wimp never showed. Now the French were bringing a new contingent to her international list of jerks.

Piss on it.

She’d go out to dinner alone. Sure wouldn’t be the first time.


Strong hands clamped onto her upper arms, steadying her as she struggled to catch her breath.

Excusez-moi, Samantha.”

His minty breath tickled her cheek. She almost purred, and all she wanted to do was snuggle closer into his cashmere jacket with his arms cuddled around her.

Mercy, woman. Get a grip.

She swallowed hard, counted the pastel shades in her new summer line, then stepped away, calm and collected. Almost.

“Good evening, Cisco.” The sound of her husky voice came as a complete surprise.

“You look very beautiful with flushed cheeks.” He beamed a know-it-all smile as he wrapped his warm fingers around her arm. “Shall we go?”

The night air chilled her heated skin. Cisco clucked his tongue when she shivered. He deftly removed the pashmina shawl from her frozen fingers, then draped it around her shoulders. The fine wool warmed her, but not as well as his hands…

For an adult rated excerpt of FRENCH Tickler please click HERE.

To read excerpts from my other erotic romances please click HERE.

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June 29, 2013

Musa Publishing has released French Twist Book Three in the Naughty Ladies of Nice series. This contemporary offers erotic thrills and intrigue chills. See for yourself.

Spies and lies bring a deadly twist to the City of Lights.

Interpol agent Claudette D’Laquois is trapped in the hellhole of life and unable to trust anyone. Desperate to regain control, she flees to the safety of her uncle’s rundown chateau on the French Riviera. But Claudette soon learns the countryside has its own dangers when she finds herself alone with a sexy foreigner.

Uptight accountant Donald Hobbs ditches numbers for dirt to oversee his friend’s orchard for three weeks. His well deserved vacation is perfect until a seductive mademoiselle drags him into a dangerous world of intrigue and erotic fantasy.

Illegal drugs and Russian mobsters take a back seat to a lethal night of sinful pleasure for Claudette and Don.

Nothing like an afternoon of hot sex to keep this guy happy.

Don followed Claudette down the hallway. He scanned her shoulders and down to her narrow waist and clenched his fists until the knuckles almost popped. His gaze dropped to her naked hips that flared over her long legs. Legs that went on forever. He worked his way back up to her firm ass, mesmerized by the little swing it did as she nonchalantly strolled ahead of him. The rose dangled over her shoulder, luring him like a horse to the carrot, and he was eager to chase after it.

Walking right then wasn’t the easiest thing, but he managed. Her tapered legs in sexy heels strapped around her slender ankles were the added bonus to keep him moving.

She stopped at her open bedroom door and glanced over her shoulder.

Mon cher, do not be shy.” Her voice dropped a couple of octaves. “I am not.”

Obviously, and he loved it.

He followed her to the bed while fumbling with the buttons on his shirt. She bent and laid the rose on the nightstand, exposing her wet pussy. His cock jackknifed. He swallowed hard and prayed he didn’t come before he finally got to touch her.

“You look as if you need help.” Her soft voice came out low, like a woman who’d been making love for hours.

She turned and reached for his belt. Her large breasts jiggled with the movement and erased his control.

He stretched out a hand for her, but she eluded him and dropped to her knees before he could touch her rosy nipples. An herbal aroma drifted up to him as her hair flowed across her breasts. He scooped it out of the way. The need to watch her every movement overwhelmed him.

His zipper rasped opened. Don forced himself to breathe. His swollen cock leapt out of his shorts, grazing her moist mouth.

“I like a man who is eager.”

Her warm breath tingled against his swollen head.

She swiped her pink tongue across her lips, moistening their soft surface. His body tensed. A soft puff of air caressed his crown, then she bathed the length of his cock from root to tip. She nibbled at the sensitive underside of the cap long enough to buckle his knees.

He wove his fingers through her silky hair and gritted his teeth as she clamped one hand onto his ass and gently dragged the fingernails of her other against his tight balls. The sweet pleasure was almost unbearable.

Jesus, he needed to regain some form of control over his body before he embarrassed himself. He counted twelve breaths, held them, then started again. When that failed, he mentally recited accounting tables. Christ, he’d do anything to save face and not come.

She swirled her tongue across the tip of his dick, her lips nipping at the engorged ridge. The first rush of heat charged up his cock.

Claudette sucked him in deeper. Her face buried in his pubic hairs. A new earthquake of need erupted in him when a hum from low in her throat vibrated against his dripping cock.

Fucksakes, baby.” He took her shoulders and regretfully pulled her off with a pop.

She glanced up, her cheeks flushed.

He held out his hand, wrapped it around hers, and pulled her into his arms. She was warm and yielding and sexy as hell. He cupped her chin and raised it toward his mouth…


To read excerpts from my other erotic romances please click HERE.

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Make Your Summer Sizzle

May 24, 2013

FRENCH Tart Book 1 in Naughty Ladies of Nice series is now released from Musa Publishing.

Bon Appétit…Satisfy all your cravings at cooking school.

Determined to prove herself and shed her party girl image, Donatienne Dubois pins her hopes on the exclusive cooking school in Nice, France. One by one her expectations are shattered by a foul-mouthed parrot, a bogus Michelin chef, and a headmistress with a heart of tungsten steel. Doni’s lifesaver is a bad boy hunk too hot not to handle.

Mark Anderson is incognito and hating every minute. To pose as a student while keeping tabs on a rich wild child is his version of hell, until he partners with the dish of Crème Brule good enough to eat.

Class takes on a whole new meaning as Doni and Mark heat up the kitchen when they discover honey has better uses than sweetening tea.

Mark pasted a cheery smile on his face. Hell, he was getting the hang of this cooking stuff. He tipped the mountain of cheese piled on his platter and leaned closer to the stove, eyeing the pan that looked too small to hold it all.

“Stop!” Doni held up her tiny hand. “You cannot toss all that in here.”

He stumbled backward. What the hell? He’d done exactly what she told him. She couldn’t blame him because the damn block of cheese grated up to Matterhorn size.

“Are you sure you’re in the right cooking school?” She threw in a handful of the white shreds and shuffled the pan until one side of the omelet flipped over the other.

“Are you sure it’s cooked?” He pointed at the pan. “Looks kind of pale to me.”

“Are you sure you know anything about food?” She glared at him while wiping her slender fingers on a striped blue towel. “This is the easiest dish we’ll prepare. What’s going to happen when we advance to boeuf à la mode and present it?”

Now she had him on this present thing, let alone whatever the hell kind of food she meant. If it even was food.

“No problem. I’m your man and ready to step up to the plate.” Dammit. How stupid was that, to make a baseball reference? Quick, change the subject. “What’s next?”

She handed him a coffee cup.

Good, a caffeine jolt would go good about now.

“Snip the chives.”

“Ah, sure.” He gingerly took the mug, wondering what the hell she expected of him.

“These”—she waved a handful of limp skinny green sticks at him—“are chives. From the onion family.” She shook her head, then slid the omelet onto an oval platter. When he didn’t move, she slapped a pair of scissors into his palm. “Do I have to do it for you?”

“You don’t have to be insulting.”

“I apologize.” She tossed her head to move a thick strand of hair from her cheek. He looped the blonde lock around his finger—pure silk—then curled it behind her ear. Her breath quickened and his heart swelled. He leaned into her, needing to taste her pink lips. The sweet aroma of flowers filled his lungs.


Before he could say anything, Chef edged between them.

“Interesting.” Chef took the platter from Doni. “Perhaps a bit plain, do you not think?”

She gasped when he grabbed a handful of some chopped green thing and plopped the wad on her omelet, obliterating the light-colored food.

He dropped the plate back into Doni’s hands and strolled on to the next pair of fledgling chefs.

Doni blinked rapidly as she pressed her lips tight. Mark slung an arm around her shoulder, feeling guilty as hell that he’d done nothing to stop…


Have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be back Monday with SS Hampton Sr.. Until then…

Happy Writing!

Sloane Taylor
Amazon Author Page

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Time to Wrap It Up

April 5, 2013

The Magnificent Men of Munich saga draws to a close with book four. Yesterday’s Lovers brings us Rhineholdt Hoffman, a man who has yet to realize his inner strength, and Isabella Carrington, an heiress who always gets what she wants.

Isabella Carrington has everything a pampered heiress wants, except for the most important item – love.

No matter how many designer items she buys or men she conquers, Isabella Carrington never seems to find what she’s looking for. When she meets the one man in the world completely unaffected by her charms, she is determined to have him, even if it means a dunk in the Grand Canal.

Rhineholdt Hoffman has sworn off women after a destructive relationship alienated him from everyone and everything he loved. Now on self-imposed exile in Venice, Holt lives a solitary existence until a wild French Canadian shakes the staid accountant to the core and makes him question his beliefs.

Issy and Holt are forced to come out of the past and face their future as they set the Venetian nights on fire. Especially after an odd turn of events and an old gypsy have them wondering if they were yesterday’s lovers.

Heat coiled through Isabella with Holt’s firm hands holding her in place. All those lonely nights she had spent thinking about him stroking her breasts, plunging inside her vagina, driving her closer to orgasm, raced through her mind. The fantasies had been sweet torture, but nothing compared to reality. Sacre bleu! She needed to ride him and end this torment. He had been the true reason she stayed on after the wedding. The hope of having him in her bed for the weekend had been worth a dunk into the canal.

The oval mirror above the sink gave a perfect reflection of her hand clamped tightly on his ass. He pulled open the glass shower door and she trembled with anticipation.

He twisted on the faucet, then slid her down his body, his hard-on pressing against her abdomen. A volley of shivers arced up her spine as she cupped his face.

“You are too impatient, Schatze.” He turned her around and rested an arm under her breasts, holding her in place as he adjusted the water.

She rubbed her butt against his zipper.

“Definitely too impatient.”

“I have waited a long time for you, Holt, and I have no intention of missing this bon opportunity.”

He turned her to face him and teased his palms over her tight nipples.

“Do you feel well enough to do this?” He skimmed a finger down her bruised cheek. “I do not want to hurt you?”

“Non, mon chér, you will not get out of this so easily by using a few dark spots as an excuse.” She squared her shoulders, striving for tough, but failed when her laughter bubbled up at his expression. “Remember? I have been a tres bad girl.”

“You are sure?” His lips trailed a path of fire down her throat to the scooped neckline of her silk robe.

“Never more of anything in my life.” She caressed the dark brown stubble on his chin, the short bristles crisp under her touch. He raised his head, his eyes smoldering. She traced his full lips with her thumb, then glided her tongue across their seam. He pulled away before she could plunge in.

“Nein, Isabella, I thought you had learned the other day, I am the one in control.” His voice thickened.

“Then I must be the submissive?”

He nodded, determination gleamed in his eyes.

She tapped his chin. “You do know the submissive has all the true control.”

He shook his head, a puzzled expression furrowed his brow. Her words were clearly alien to him.

“Oui, mon chér. The sub is the one who stops it all when they say the safe word.”

He looked up, his brown eyes blanked over. “But what if the dominant does not comply?”

Had she misread him? A chill whisked up her spine. Isabella liked sex—loved it, in fact—but she did not like pain. Of any kind.

“Why would you not stop if I told you it was too much?” She had to get this straight or there would be no playtime with the man who set her juices flowing. Instead, she would be on a jet to Canada that very afternoon.

Musa Publishing

I’ll be back Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!


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March 25, 2013

The Magnificent Men of Munich saga continues with a new addition. Book three brings us suave Max Brewer, better known as Heicke to his throng of ladies, and Francine Daniels, a spitfire he can’t seem to tame.

A seedling of doubt will unravel even a perfect lie.

After two ex-husbands and a con artist, Francine Daniels has had it with men. Her life is finally the way she wants it — successful and complete. At least she thinks so until a working vacation in Munich brings her face to face with a sexy German hotelier who sees right through her brash exterior and makes her sizzle with his every touch.

Heicke Brewer enjoys his playboy image along with the collection of international beauties on his arm and in his bed. They are safer than another disastrous marriage. Until a chance encounter with a stubborn American pixie too hot not to handle threatens his hard won resolve.

As passion grows between Francine and Heicke, deception threatens to tear them apart, forcing them to fight their way through a perfect lie.

Hands clenched at her sides, she stretched to her full five feet three inches. With the movement, her breasts thrust forward and her hard nipples rubbed against the soft fabric of his shirt.

“I’m Francine Daniels and I work with Teddi Howard-Stiefle.” She almost burst into laughter at the shocked look on his face. “Anything else you’d like to know, Pup?”

He trailed his warm palm up her arm, his touch gentle, almost welcome.

“You are freezing.” He took both her hands in his and rubbed them. She pulled back, but he tugged her closer, wrapping his arms around her, enveloping her in a sensual blend of wet and man. “Pixie, I have no intention of harming you, but you need to get warm.”

His body heat and sexy accent conjured up pictures in her mind best ignored. She raised her head to avoid his crisp chest hairs that tickled her cheek, only to be lip level with his dark brown nipple. It looked so tempting. Tasty. Get your brain out of your silk panties.

He rubbed up and down her back, his fingertips grazing across the swell of her ass. His hands slowed to a sensual massage, warming her skin, sending electric shocks to her vagina. He pulled her tighter, his rock hard cock pushing against her stomach. She gasped as her body declared all out war on her common sense, leaving in its trail a burning desire to let herself go. Just this once.

Her breasts grew heavy, aching with each breath she drew. She squeezed her thighs together. Tight. Anything to stop the pressure building in her clit.

He raised her chin and stared deep into her eyes as if he were searching for her soul. After a long moment, while the world stood still, he touched his lips to hers, almost as if he were afraid his strength and size would hurt her. She wanted, no, needed more. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she hooked a thumb in his belt loop and molded her hips to his thighs.

His hands slid under her shirt, skimming upward. She shuddered from the sheer pleasure of his skin against hers. He glided his fingers up her back and flicked her bra hooks. She trembled again, only this time from anticipation. He grazed his fingertips along the sides of her breasts, then cupped them and rolled her nipples between his index finger and thumb. She clutched his back for support, afraid to let go. Afraid it would end.

She moaned as his hot tongue swiped across her lips then opened her mouth, hungry for his taste. Hungry to feel him inside her.

He grabbed her shirttails and drew them over her head. The chilled air stung her burning skin, but did little to cool her.

“You are so beautiful. So perfect.” His husky voice barely a whisper.

One thumb glided over her left nipple, shooting desire throughout her body, and she arched her back from the intense pleasure of his touch. He raised her right breast to his lips and kissed the tip, nuzzling her swollen areola. He devoured both of her nipples, sucking and tugging on them until …


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