Champagne for Everyone!

November 18, 2005 | Hot Damn

It’s always exciting when your pals celebrate a victory. Three of the Vixens have contracts on their new books and we’re all sharing in their joy.

Jenna Howard has a hot number in the Winter Wishes Anthology and four ulttra-sexy works in the Spring Flings, each guaranteed to charge your libido.

Kate Lang has two dynamite stories in one Torrid Teaser volume that’ll have you grab Mr. Right by whatever’s handy and create your own music.

Sherrill Quinn has a yummy tale in the Spring Flings Anthologies, a steamy romance in Torrid Teaser, and an erotic pleaser in Torrid Twisted Tales. Get me a fire extinguisher or Studly before I lose my mind.

All these exciting authors are being published by Whiskey Creek Press, check out the links for the release dates. Mark your calendars because you’ll want to order each one as soon as they hit the listing.

Congratulations, Ladies, you’re all well on your way.


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5 Responses to “Champagne for Everyone!”

  1. Sherrill Quinn Says:

    Thanks, Sloane. Your incredible support plays a MAJOR role in where I’m at today and where I hope to be in the future. I can always count on you for a word of encouragement or a swat from the dreaded 2X4.

    Love ya, sweetie!

  2. Jenna Howard Says:

    Thanks, chicky.

    You’re not far behind us.

    World domination!!

  3. sloane taylor Says:

    See what I mean about friends and cheering on your pals? You girls are welocme. You’ve touched off a soft spot this callous broad never knew she had.

  4. sloane taylor Says:

    Damn, you’ve touched it off so well I can’t even spell. What was that about being a writer? Ugh!

  5. Jenna Howard Says:

    Actually I only have 1 story in the Spring Fling anthology (I’m in with Sherrill…huzzah!) but I have 4 stories in the Seasons anthology.

    Now if I can just get out of anthologies, I wouldn’t have to share the $$$ with my fellow writers. Aren’t I the greedy one? 😉

    Okay, enough blogging, enough napping…must write. Sigh.