November 28, 2005 | It's All About Writing

This day is insane and passing much too fast. Since early this morning I’ve written, scratched out, rewritten, and scratched out even more. Triskelion Publishing is patiently waiting for the rest of this manuscript and tonight is my critique meeting. If I don’t have something worthwhile Beth and Yasmine are going to flail me alive. I might as well carry my own whip to save Beth the time digging for hers. And if I don’t really get the lead out of my ass, Triskelion is going to tell me to take a hike.

Where the hell did I ever get the idea I could write fiction? Oh yeah, I remember. It all started when these words began to bubble inside me.

You see all my writing friends hear these great voices or see these amazing hunks who tell them what to write. All I get is bubbling words that half the time make me want to puke! Yet somewhere in the chunky garble are a few beauts. Pearls of wisdom? No. Just words blending together to tell a story of sensuality and a not so young woman who finally comes alive.

Of course it’s a romance. But it’s filled with sexual tension and passion, not to mention a few explicit scenes that have me craving a cigarette by the time I finish typing.

This writing business is tough. It requires stamina, creativity, patience, dedication, and a strong determination to stay focused. I know I can do it. I want to do it. Dammit! I WILL do it.

Now what the hell was he doing with that naked woman stretched out on the love seat? See? It’s all in staying focused.


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3 Responses to “PRESSURE”

  1. Jenna Howard Says:

    (picks up dusty red crop) “phffffff” (okay, I don’t know how to spell an exhale). (A little bend to make sure it’s still supple, a testing whistle) Oh yeah…now I remember. 🙂

    *snap* Oh that was satisfying. Okay. I’m ready.

    Ahem, Ms. Sloane…you were saying?

  2. Sherrill Quinn Says:

    Ah, the redoubtable Ms. Sloane thinking that somehow she’s missed the mark as a writer because she doesn’t hear voices or see nearly naked male Muses… I’ll let you in on a secret, darling. People who hear voices are crazy (yes, I’m talking about you, Jenna sweetie) and the rest of us are just making it up as we go along.

    Now, I don’t have a crop or a 2×4 or a whip, but I’ve got a nice pair of high-heeled boots that just might do the trick if you lose your determination.

    You said you know you can do it… I KNOW you can do it, too. And my boot is standing ready in case you forget.

  3. Sloane Says:

    The red crop! High-heeled boots! Please let them be red, Sweet Sherrill, I love a color coordinated whipping. And we all know, Diva, the crop is never dusty.

    Ma’ams! Yes, Ma’ams! Your messages came across loud and clear. Work is in progress, Ma’ams. See what happens when you live with a Marine? It becomes a lifestyle.

    You guys are nuts and really cool friends. Thanks for the support.

    Now one of you should write about a whip carrying vampire who has a boot fetish!!