Happy Birthday, “B”!

December 30, 2005 | Remembering

Today is my little girl’s birthday, the day I remember so much of the baby who left my body, after camping in for ten long months, and grew into a courageous woman.

She is the child who went beyond her teenage years gaining wisdom and depth. This is the girl my future son-in-law held in such high esteem he asked my permission to propose. This is the woman who is raising two daughters of her own with such love tears come to my eyes when I see them interact. This is my friend, my daughter, who I have loved for twenty-eight years and pray she will always be in my life.

Happy Birthday, “B”. I love you.


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4 Responses to “Happy Birthday, “B”!”

  1. Sherrill Quinn Says:

    What a nice tribute, Sloane.

    Happy Birthday, B!

  2. Beth Anderson Says:

    Happy Birthday, Sweetie! How does it feel to have a famous author in your family? What a great present, right? Hope your whole year is full of happiness and all the good things in life.

    Love, Auntie Bethie
    aka Lucy
    aka Hotclue

  3. Yasmine Says:

    Twenty eight years old!! Sloane you must have been just a mere __(fill in blank with your own choice) when you birthed that gorgeous woman. Great job, but make sure you change the locks on the doors and close the blinds, cause no matter how many times you put them out, they always find their way home. My B uses the garage door password, she doesn’t even use a key.
    Keep editing, you know your daughter is gonna be on your case. As will Hotclue and me. Love ya. I think children should buy their mothers a gift on their birthday, cause without us,they wouldn’t be here.

  4. Jan Springer Says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Your mom is one awesome lady!!

    Happy New Year, Sloane!!!