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March 7, 2006 | It's All About Writing

You have put your heart and soul into a well-edited novel and the time has come to send that baby out into the world. What do you do? Again, it’s time consuming and can get costly so you have to decide what you can afford.

First, I recommend you buy Formatting & Submitting your Manuscript by Jack & Glenda Neff, Don Prues published by the Writer’s Market. This book has all the right instructions, with examples, for your submission.

Following are some extra tips;

• By now you should know the publisher you want to target. Read their guidelines, again. Be sure you
have the correct editor’s name and spelling. Call or email the publisher if you are unsure.
• Print your cover letter, synopsis, and manuscript on clean white paper. Don’t get cute. Editors don’t
like cute.
• If you are a smoker, DON’T while you are printing and packaging. The smell will be absorbed by your
paper and carry through to the editor bringing about a damned quick rejection.
• Be courteous in your letter, but by everything that is powerful, DO NOT suck up. You’re a
professional. Act like a professional.

Speaking of professional, here’s a few more things you should do;

• Join writer’s groups online.
• Join local writer’s groups.
• Develop or join a critique group.
• Get a web site. Be sure it has a professional look and not some honemade cutsy thing.
• Attend every conference you can afford and network. There are rules of etiquette you must follow;
Smile, be pleasant. No one wants to hear about your kid, the brat, or your other half, the jerk.
Don’t interrupt someone who is speaking.
Don’t gossip.
Dress professionally, which means look presentable not like you’re on an emergency toilet paper run.
• Produce a business card with the following info;
You name
A slogan to remember you
Your email address
Your phone number but only on cards for editors and friends
Fax number if you have one but only on cards for editors and friends

The card would look something like this;
Mary Johnson writing as Hot Mama
Hot Mama sets your world on fire
Dress your card in the same look as your web site.

Good luck to you all and please let me know how it goes. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them.

Until next Tuesday, Happy Writing!

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9 Responses to “Publish this Novel”

  1. Sherrill Quinn Says:

    Great info, Sloane. As I’m gearing up for the Desert Dreams Conference in Scottsdale in April (where I have a one-on-one with an editor from St. Martins), this is very timely. Thanks!

  2. For The Trees Says:

    Really good advice, Sloane. Really good. Deepest thanks. Especially for the business card tips.

  3. Sloane Says:

    You’re welcome and it’s my pleaseure to help out.

  4. Yasmine Says:

    Wow, although I’m not a smoker, that’s interesting to know. I guess spraying the page with your favorite scent wouldn’t help, either?

  5. Sloane Says:

    NO WAY, Yasmine. Think ALLERGIES. Some unsuspecting editor opens a packet and goes into a coughing jag that lands her in the hospital. Yup! That author will be remembered for a long time. Not published, just remembered.

  6. Beth Anderson Says:

    Daggonit, Sloane, why didn’t I name my alter ego Hotmama? Then her business cards would be all set, just copy/paste from your terrific directions! 😉

    Very good blog entry, as all of them are!

    Cheers, Beth

  7. Sloane Says:

    Thanky, Beth. YYOU were the Hotmama I had in mind!!!

  8. Jeanne Says:

    Thanks, Sloane! Like Sherrill, I’m getting ready to go to a conference and this info is just what I needed to hear. 🙂

  9. Sloane Says:

    You’re welcome, Ms. Jeanne Laws, with the beautiful new web site look.

    You girls have a great time at the conference. Be sure to let us know how it goes.