Hell Yeah, I’m Proud to be an American

April 21, 2006 | General, Remembering

I promised myself I would never do this, never give notoriety to people or groups who are a drain on this nation. Now it’s come close to home and I can’t stop myself from lambasting one of the most evil factions of our country.

There is not one person in this country who is ecstatic about the war in Iraq. Families are ripped apart and changes happen within them that can never be repaired. The death of a serviceman or woman affects not only the family and friends of that person, but also the general population. Let me tell you a little story about just such a situation.

Lance Cpl. Philip John Martini was born July 10, 1981. His was an American family just like thousands of others. They loved, argued, and laughed as life moved them forward. One day young Phil decided he’s alter the direction of his life and joined the Marine Corp. His tour of duty took the proud man to Al Anbar, Iraq. A gunshot wound took his life. What was kept alive after this tragedy was the memory of a decorated young man even though his family and friends deeply grieved.

Be prepared, for now comes the horrific part of the story.

There is a church in Topeka, Kansas that has taken the Lord’s word, twisted and contrived, to express the filthiest evil to ever be on printed pages and web sites. Studly printed out the pages because he knew I’d never believe it if I didn’t read it for myself.

This sick, self-appointed cult of insanity teaches, teaches mind you, hate. Not only do they teach it, they practice it with a vengeance. Their pastor, I refuse to capitalize the low life’s title, encourages his mindless minions to go forth across our country and picket the funerals of service people who died in Iraq.

But they don’t stop there. No, not these cowards. They also go to the Veteran’s hospitals carrying signs proclaiming “God Hates America”. How would you like to see that when you’re laying there with a limb or two blown off in the war?

Their web site is a demented display of chapter and verse quoted from the bible. The words are correct but this despicable cult has turned them against the people of this country.

At Lance Cpl. Martini’s funeral this band of cowards got the surprise of their lives. There were over 300 motorcyclists and a crowd of strangers, good people, lined up along the parkway of the church prepared to do whatever it took to keep LCPL Martini’s family and friends shielded from the hate mongers. The police contained the river of slime to across the street and down the block from the church.

I am ashamed I was not there to show my support of a fine soldier. I am exceedingly proud my personal Marine took time off work to go and protect his now dead brother. I have pity in my heart for the unthinking fools who follow this Hitler-like man of the cloth. And I pray God will lift the shroud covering the eyes of the madman’s congregation.

If anyone is interested in their web site, please enter your email address in the comments. I refuse to type their address here so the pervert can’t google his church and celebrate the attention he is receiving. This may not be to clear to you all but I’m very upset about this and beginning to babble.


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14 Responses to “Hell Yeah, I’m Proud to be an American”

  1. Gabrina Says:

    I hear ya. I wrote to over two dozen soldiers while they served in Iraq and thankful all of the people I was an “angel” to returned home. There’s a *great* organization called Soldiers’ Angels that does great things for our men and women! I’m a very proud member!

    While I don’t support the war, I support the young men and women who risk their lives, spend months and years away from their families, and do a commendable job.

    I don’t understand how you could protest the life of someone’s son, daughter, sister, brother, husband, wife, friend, etc. It’s a life lost, one that should not be forgotten or tarnished by protestors. There’s a time and a place for everything. Protest the war all you want, but leave mourning families and recovering veterans alone.


  2. Beth Anderson Says:

    Sloane, I heard about them a while back. My stepdaughter works for VA in Indiana. She arranges help for bereaved families, and attends the funerals of those who come home from Iraq in caskets. She told me about several she’s attended where these people were there, and how much it hurts the families of these guys and women who gave everything for us.

    I can’t condone this war, but I appreciate and very much revere the men and women who have gone there and served.

    I think this pseudo church and the small band of neanderthals who follow it should be run out of the country. I guess we can’t do that, since everyone has the right to say whatever they want and congregate in public to protest whatever they want.

    We just have to count on rational Americans to recognize them for what they are–the scum of the universe.

    It made me furious when I heard about it too. I think the media around here aren’t reporting it because they don’t want to give those cretins any publicity. I don’t blame the media at all.

    It’s a horrible but only too real thing these people are doing to the families of these dead soldiers and I hope there’s some way found to stop them soon.

    Now I’m mad all over again.

  3. Sloane Says:

    GABRINA, I’ve not heard of Soldiers’ Angels. Will you send me some info? The last two Christmases I sent many, many packages to soldiers. The first year I went to a few schools and gathered things from the students and cards they’d made to send to Iraq. Several of the soldiers wrote back to me or to the teachers. It was expensive but worth every penny.

    I agree with you and Beth. I do NOT support the war, actually am very much against it from day one. BUT, the Americans and other nations who are over there deserve to be respected for being true to their countries. No one should use sick vengence on them.

    BETH, I’m glad you’re mad. Stay mad, good and mad. If more of us were angry enough maybe this insanity would stop. Indiana Governor Daniels passed into law last March a bill that makes disorderly conduct within 500 feet of a funeral a felony. Good for him. Illinois is voting on a similar law next week, but the distance is 200 feet.

    I didn’t know about your stepdaughter’s job. She must be an extraordinary woman.

    Studly’s niece emailed me to say her husband, an Indiana firefighter, and several of his buddies were at the funeral as a show of support. She said when the garbage got loud the cyclists revived up their bikes to drown them out. HURRAH for them!

  4. Nancy Says:


    I don’t blame you for being upset. I have family members in the military. While I don’t approve of the war, I support the military. They are only doing their job.

    I don’t understand people who want to disrupt funeral’s with their own agenda. Its a sad enough time for the famlies and friends as it is.

  5. Sloane Says:

    You are so right, Nancy.

    This group brags they have full autonomy. Somehow I believe there is a higher power who will set them straight. If not in this life then the next.

    The one big teaching is God Hates America. You know somehow these clowns missed the Ark. I was always led to believe God is a loving power.

  6. Yasmine Phoenix Says:

    I was very proud of those bikers who stood up for the young Marine and his family. It’s very sad how a group can take the Bible, of which there are many different versions, and pervert it to meet their insane beliefs. These people are so stupid and of course, being an American means you can express these sick beliefs, but at someone’s funeral. Hell No!

  7. Sloane Says:


    These whacks hate America and believe God is using his power to destroy our country and that’s why the hurricanes, flood, war, etc. are so devasting lately.

  8. Sloane Says:

    It pays to have a bud who’s a minister. Thanks, Anna for your wise input. I didn’t know of that Scripture.

    I’m sorry to tell you the churches in all the cities these freaks invade do nothing. Maybe they are correct in not inciting more action from a fanatical group who waves the banner of Jesus unjustly. This mess could escalate with a lot of innocent people hurt.

  9. Maya Says:

    Sloane: I saw Lance Cpl. Martin’s funeral on the television news. Of course, the reporter asked the fool head of this so-called church to speak. He was delighted to be getting the coverage. I almost put my foot through the television and sent an email of complaint to ABC for tacitly encouraging him by giving him a moment in the sun.

    Like every one else who has posted, I was opposed to this war, but heartily support our military. I pray daily for them and their loved ones.

    This is such a perversion of Christianity. It reminds me of the Taliban and their twisting of the Koran to suit their purposes. Every religion has its hate-mongers.

  10. Sherrill Quinn Says:

    I don’t get it. How does making family after family even more miserable (by disrupting funerals, for pete’s sake) accomplish anything?!? Those people need a swift kick you-know-where…

  11. Jenna Howard Says:

    I have no words for that horror. Those families are already grieving and then these animals. Gawd. I’m disgusted. Just…horrified.

  12. Sloane Says:

    Maya, Thank you for reacting to the news. Emailing them was great. Your comparison is perfect. Zealots are a faction to fear for the hapless cling to them for some form of salvation? Hope? Toally unknown to me as I’ve never been that desperate. I didn’t see the news. Just couldn’t bring myself to watch it.

    Ass is the word you’re searching for, Sherrill, but see – you’re too much of a lady to say it. I, on the other hand, would prefer to kick their chicken-shit asses directly to hell. I do believe Satan has robbed them of common sense and a conscience.

    Jenna, your horror is a tribute to decency and kindness. More people should share
    your reaction. This insantity must be stopped.

  13. T.A. Chase Says:


    Thank you for posting about this. If I could ever truly hate someone or a group of people, it would be this group of so-called Christians. I’ve read and seen their protests and their signs. Capitalizing on the pain of others is sick and wrong.

    Believing a loving God would be trying to destory America through this war is sacreligious.

    I could go on because their protests and the reasons they believe God is destroying the country hit closer to home than almost anything else. I won’t though.

    I’ll always support the men and women who chose to sacrifice their lives for this country-whether the war they are fighting is right or wrong.

  14. Sloane Says:

    Amen, T.A. I agreed with you 100 percent. Thank you for voicing your opinion. More of us need to stand up and do it.