May 31, 2006 | Family

Sloane Taylor here with some fantastic news. I am so proud of my beautiful daughter that I have to brag.

My little girl, my baby, got accepted to participate in the Montessori program and become certified as a Director for preschool kiddies. Is that cool or what?!?

An intense summer program begins in a few short weeks then in the fall “B” will be interning, and she already has a school that wants her permanently.

“B” is a brilliant woman who loves small children and has always excelled in school. Hmm, she sure would kill me if I told you her GPA was very impressive or that she was on the Dean’s List every semester, so I’d better not mention any of that.

Sometimes life hasn’t always been great. I could have lived without her teenage years and I know “B” could have lived without my menopause. But you see, here’s the really important thing; we overcame those small moments in time. Today we have a good relationship based on trust and love.

May you all share a wonderful experience with your children and celebrate their lives as I am today.


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