Welcome to Suburbia!

June 7, 2006 | Applause

This is a great website filled with sarcastic humor and some damned good fun to brighten your day. Gabrina is the author and allows her unique wit run wild. Check it out at www.gabrina.com.

CONGRATULATIONS to three writing buds, Erika Kire, Mikki Leigh, and Jenna Marshall, who have received contracts with Triskelion Publishing for their anthology The Viking Stones. Cruise on over to Tiskelion at www.triskelionpublishing. net and click onto Coming Soon. Their brilliant cover is on there. Good Luck and here’s to much success in your futures!

Have a great day and remember to sign up for my contest. We have another drawing June 8!

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One Response to “Welcome to Suburbia!”

  1. Gabrina Says:

    Hey thanks for the shout out! You rock, Sloane! Glad to be a part of your sexy insanity!