July 21, 2006 | It's All About Writing

This is a great week. I’ve completed the synopses for books 2, 3,and 4 in the Magnificent Men of Munich series. They’re now in the hands of my kind editor who was very happy with my proposal for books 2 and 3. Still haven’t heard from her on #4, but I have everything crossed that’s possible.

The three remaining books lead Lonnie, Francine, and Isabella on a terrific journey of freedom and love as they let go of their fears with the help of Heicke, Rhineholdt, and Wolfe. You really should read TEDDI TURNS ON to learn about the people I’m referring to here.

Our three heroes also find a new world as the ladies teach them there’s more to life than living in the past and one night stands.

Now for even more good news. Studly and I are off on a well deserved three week vacation in Europe. Studs is making the supreme effort to savor as many beers and wines he can swallow while I research more data for the above mentioned books. Ya gotta love a guy who will go to such lengths to make his woman happy.

We decided to create some fun for you as well. Please sign up for my quarterly newsletter. When we return two names will be drawn. The lucky winners will each receive two bars of the honey soap featured in the Magnificent Men of Munich series, a bath scrubby, and a free copy of TEDDI TURNS ON. The drawing will be held August 15.

Enjoy yourself while we’re gone!

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  1. Sherrill Quinn Says:

    You and Studly have loads of fun, Sloane!