The Red Lion Pub

September 6, 2006 | Promotion

event was well worth the hour plus drive. A group of talented writers met to share from their WIPS and excerpts from their published novels. Twilight Tales, hosted the evening. Emcee Eric Cherry did a wonderful job of scheduling the readers and moving the program along. Check out their website for a wealth of information on writing and books.

Erika Kire read Heart of the Bear,one of her stories from The Viking Stones anthology, a terrific book. Zip over to Triskelion Publishing,, and get yourself a copy.

The readings ranged from poetry to sci-fi and everything in between. Mine was the only erotica. I’m not too convinced the group of fifteen men and five women would welcome me back soon.

It was a good evening and I met a new group of people who produce outstanding work.

In February Twilight Tales dedicates an evening to erotica. Erika, Beth Anderson, and I plan to go return and read.

Happy Writing!

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