October 1, 2006 | It's All About Writing

I am ecstatic to tell you all I met my contract due date with Triskelion Publishing. Lonnie Heats Up has been submitted and received by my editor! It’s a relief to be completed and now I can sit back and relax until she sends me the edits. I can also come back and blog with you now that I have fulfilled my commitment.

Lonnie Heats Up is the second book in the Magnificent Men of Munich series. Be sure to check out chapter one of Teddi Turns On for the premise of the series. Better yet, head over to and pick up your own copy. The reviewers and readers tell me they love it.

To celebrate, Studs and I went to our favorite haunt, Shannon’s Irish Eatery, and listened to great Irish music performed live, yes folks I said live a rarity these days in our neck of the woods, by New Element. Lou and Sharon, of Dolly’s Mammary fame, were there. They’re a fun couple to spend time with. Someday I hope you all get to meet them.

Lou brought up two interesting questions about our world today so I’d like to ask you your opinion.

1 – Why is it that today so many women expose their bodies and erase the mystery for men?
2 – Where have all the ladies gone?

Have a great week-end!

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