It’s Just One Woman’s Opinion

November 27, 2006 | The Soapbox

And I’m entitled to it! Game after game I watch Rex Grossman do stupid plays and am more then willing to sell my PSL seat to anyone crazy enough to hand over five bucks. The guy is not a quarterback. Hell, he’s barely a football player. And as for team player, do not get me started on that topic.

His coach has publicly commented that Rex doesn’t always follow the rules and becomes a little anxious out on the field. NO SHIT! Well, I’m anxious too. I want to see my Chicago Bears win and beat the snot out of their opponents all the way through the Super Bowl. Hey, I can dream.

Lovie, you can be just like Loretta Lynn and stand by your man, but like her you’ll end up dead and sadly bring the entire team down in the process.

My rant is over and thank you for listening,

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