It’s funny how a person’s mind works

December 1, 2006 | Remembering

How one experience can draw you into the past and those events become as clear as if they were happening in the present.

Last week-end Studs and I went to Champaign, IL to watch his nephew play for the Football State Championship. In the Class 8A Wheaton-Warrenville South beat Mt. Carmel by 21 points. We all cheered for Sam Burke and the Tigers until we were horse.

While I sat in the grandstands flashbacks of 16 years ago when my daughter and her team played for the Girls Basketball State Championship came to mind. They won, bringing home a first victory for their school. Another proud moment in my life.

I wasn’t at her game that night and I’m sorry I missed all the excitement and joy the girls felt. I was needed by my parents who were going through the toughest time a married couple can share. It was the night my father died.

Amazing how extreme joy can be shared with the deepest sorrow. And even more surprising is how the time flies as if 16 years were only a moment ago.

Have a good week-end and be sure to tell someone important to you that you love them.


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