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January 26, 2007 | Interviews

Good morning, Tami, and welcome back for your last day. It’s been a good week and thank you for being so frank with us.

ST: What does the future hold for Tami Dee?

TD: I hope that it holds more books being published. Triskelion does at times publish print books. I would truly love to see Under A Viking Moon as a paper back someday.

ST: If you had one wish that would be granted, what would it be?

TD: That I will become an author who is known to give readers memorable stories that will leave them feeling good about themselves, allow them to discover the romance that is likely already in their lives, or, if not, will be soon, and to have a positive outlook of the future and know that their own happy ending will be worth the journey they took to get there.

ST: How did you and Triskelion Publishing come together?

TD: After I completed Under A Viking Moon, I decided to find a publishing house that accepted queries on line (in order to save on postage) and that were in the market for Time Travel romances. Only two publishing houses showed up in my search, Avon (I love Avon books) and Triskelion Publishing (I had never heard of them). I sent out my on line queries and less than two days later, Avon sent a rejection letter via e mail, and Triskelion sent a request for a full!
In less than a week, Triskelion offered me a contract. Needless to say, I accepted. I was worried that without an agent, I would not understand the contract, but after I received it, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to read. I only had a few questions, which were answered promptly and the rest as they say, is history.

ST: What are you working on for the future?

TD: I am working on a sister book for Under A Viking Moon entitled Dawn of A Viking Sunrise. In this book Rosie, (Kat from UAVM’s best friend), literally falls in love with Leif’s (UAVM’s hero) brother. I am also working on a historical Scottish romance adventure, and am plotting out a mystery which I believe will have a roller derby skater as my heroine…

ST: It sounds like two more books for me to read as soon as they’re released.

TD: I hope you and a lot of other people. lol.

ST: Thank you, Tami, for spending so much time with us. It’s been a great week and I’ve enjoyed learning more about you. The very best to you in the future and please keep us posted on your new releases.

TD: Thank you for inviting me to spend this week with you. I also have had a wonderful time!

You’re all invited to ask questions. Over today and the weekend Tami will check in and respond.

Be sure to join us February 19 when we Get Down and Dirty with Sarah Grimm.

Happy Writing!

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