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March 19, 2007 | Interviews

ST: Hi, Mary Alice Pritchard, welcome and thank you for visiting with us this week.
MAP: Thank you for having me and being interested in my writing.

ST: Let’s show the world your beautiful cover for See How They Die.


ST: Tell us a about yourself.

MAP: Let’s see, what would people like to know about me? I’m a Mississippi girl, originally from the Delta but I’ve lived just about all over the state now. I’m also a nurse besides being a writer. I’m divorced with no children, but I have several feline muses to keep me in line. And, if they fail, there’s always Roxie, my Great Dane.

ST: Your current release, See How They Die, will be released in April. Please tell us about the book.

MAP: It’s a dark romantic suspense with paranormal elements in that the heroine is psychic and the hero has his own unique abilities. We all may wish our dreams would come true, but in Rhiannon’s case, they’re nightmares. They sweep her into the violent death of people she’s touched and become connected to during her life. They haunt her over and over until it’s too late for the victims.

Rhi’s spent last few years of her life trying to run from the dreams but she can’t hide anymore. Her latest dreams turn out to be someone close by and she can’t afford to ignore them this time. Not just because she’s tired of running, but because something’s different about them this time. It’s not just a random murder, it’s the work of a serial killer and she knows he’ll strike again. Determined to help the local sheriff stop him before he kills does, Rhi has to set aside her own fears, placing her trust and just maybe her life into the hands of another lost soul.
Sheriff Matt Brady of Izard County knows he needs help with this one and calls an old partner for help. Gavin’s unique abilities made him one of the army’s best specialists for over eight years. When his partner called it quits, Gavin mustered out as well. Now Matt needs his special brand of help to stop a serial killer. But how can a man seemingly beyond redemption offer a woman afraid of living a light to hold onto while she explores the sick mind of a killer? Can Rhi’s touch awaken the light within his soul and keep them both safe?

ST: How did you come up with the story line?

MAP: I’m really not sure. I sat down one day to write like I do but instead of my usual short stories I write for fun, Rhi started talking about how lonely she was and that she wanted to live a normal life. She wanted friends and someone to hold her at night when the nightmares came.

ST: How erotic is it?

MAP: Oh, this is book one of two books. The first one is full of sexual tension but nothing, um hot until the second book. It has the happy ending but it’s the beginning of their relationship, that first part where they circle each other, trying to figure out what is going on between them and how to resist…or if they want to resist. 😉

ST: And where can we buy See How They Die?

MAP: It will be released by Triskelion Publishing in April as an e-book at. Click here.

ST: I also see you wrote Ghostly Mistakes. Sounds like another thriller. Do you have a release date for it yet?

MAP: Ghostly Mistakes is part of a trilogy called Unfinished Business. It’s the first book in the series. I don’t have a release date yet but watch my website or the Triskelion link and I’ll post it as soon as I get it.

ST: Thanks for stopping by this morning, Mary Alice. We’ll see you tomorrow. Okay?
MAP: I’ll be here and ready to chat away.

Come back tomorrow when Mary Alices tells more about her life and her work. Until then…

Happy Writing!

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