Today’s the Day!

June 2, 2007 | Family

Life is so good right now that I’m bursting with joy. Studs daughter is getting married this afternoon. She’s a wonderful woman and the groom is damned lucky to have her. Yeah, I’m biased. lol. I finally found a dress, actually a skirt, top and jacket in charcoal black. Not only does it fit but it even looks good. No butt cheeseburgers visiable. lol.

Today is also the one year anniversary for TEDDI TURNS ON. We’re having a On Year Anniversary Party for all the books over at the Triskelion Publishing loops with lots of prizes. If you get the time, pop over to FEVER or BOOKS and check it out.

And the last event that has me over the moon – LONNIE HEATS UP has been released. It’s $4.99 at Triskelion. Clcik on the link and you can read an excerpt.

Have a great day everyone. I’ll be back next week with an exciting interview for Gabrina Garza, a sassy author you won’t want to miss. Until then…

Happy Writing!

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2 Responses to “Today’s the Day!”

  1. Gabrina Says:

    Happy Anniverary, Dahling! Very cool that Teddi has been around for a year and is still doing good! And Lonnie is out! Woo hoo! It can’t get any better than that!

  2. Sloane Says:

    Thanks, Gabrina. I appreciate the support!