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June 7, 2007 | Interviews

ST: Hi Everyone! Welcome back to learn more about the Amazing Gabrina Garza. All set, Ms G, for more questions?
GG: Absolutely. What do you want to know?

ST: Are there any quirks you have or do before or while you’re writing?
GG: Besides writing I’m addicted in the worst way possible to the internet. I read a quote on another writer’s website that said writing is “2% talent and 98% ignoring the internet”. That’s so true. I’m really bad with checking my email just in case there’s a life or death situation with one of my friends who just happened to be near a computer.

ST: Who or what encouraged you to write erotica?
GG: I sort of stumbled upon it after going to a conference. I’ve always been interested in romance and fantasy but didn’t realize that there were people who liked it as much as me. Adding some more spice was the icing on the naughty little cake.

ST: Who is your support group?
GG: Writing is such a solitary endeavor that I rely on only a handful of other fantastic writers and close friends. I’ve also learned the hard way that there are a lot of people who will say they are your friend and really aren’t. It makes me appreciate my good friends even more—and they know who they are.

ST: Please describe your writing space.
GG: It’s quite sorry, if you ask me. I have a laptop desk that looks like a garage sale reject and a chair I got on the cheap because it was out of style at the office store. There is no luxury suite for me! A lot of times I end up sitting in the recliner. Someday when I grow up I’m going to have my own office. Check back in about twenty years!

ST: What’s your favorite part of writing?
GG: Creating new people in different places and putting them through hell. It took me a long time to understand conflict in a story and why it was important, but now I love making my characters suffer.

ST: What do you absolutely hate about being an author?
GG: People who are jealous for absolutely no reason. I’ve been very fortunate and have had some fantastic authors help me, which makes me willing to try and help others when possible. Even though I’ve been writing for a long time, I just started in many ways, and I’ve seen a lot of the ugliness that comes out when stuff starts to happen and others decide you aren’t good enough or didn’t deserve it. I’ve spent the last ten years seriously writing and am now starting to see my name in print. I’m very proud to say I’ve fought tooth and nail for my contracts and seeing my stories out.

ST: Thanks for you frankness, Gabrina. You’re a dream to interview.
GG: My pleasure and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

ST: That’s it for today everyone. Come back Friday morning to hear more from Gabrina. Until then…

Happy Writing!

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