I’m baaack!

July 27, 2007 | Life is Good

For over a month I have been depressed. Nothing mattered. There was a huge, empty void that had replaced my soul and robbed me of my creativity. No matter what I did I could not move past this mess with my previous publisher. It got so bad I couldn’t stand the thought of getting dressed each morning or moving beyond hours of online Mah Jong.

Apparently, the powers that be decided Studs and my family, along with several close friends, had enough of my self-indulgence. Yesterday the world changed. The horrid cloak of emptiness was whisked away by some unknown force. THANK GOD!

What changed my attitude? Glad you asked. First, Aspen Mountain Press has contracted me for a new book to be released in September. Check out their site, it’s beautiful. I’ve also met my new editor Holly who has a fantastic sense of humor and knows her stuff. Then Shadow Rose Publishing requested a new book. They’re site is great, too. Finally, Eternal Press, out of Australia, requested synopses on a new series I’ve been toying with. Their site is another one to check out.

Last night Studs and I worked through a synopsis. He’s such a doll and my hero. Even though he complains, the man comes up with fantastic ideas to flesh out a story. In fact, Studs has helped with the last three books. I do love that man.

So world, be prepared. Sloane Taylor is back and this old gal ain’t lying down any more!

Now, I really have to get back to work. I’ll catch up with you next week. Until then…

Happy writing!

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6 Responses to “I’m baaack!”

  1. Maya Reynolds Says:

    Way to go, Sloane!!!

    You can’t keep a good woman down. I’m so happy for you.

    THREE publishers! Someone call the weatherman. It’s raining publishers in the mid-West!!!

  2. Sloane Says:

    Hi Maya,

    Thanks for sharing in my joy. Ain’t life grand!

  3. Ciar Cullen Says:

    Hi Sloane. I don’t think we know one another. I wrote for Triskelion for a good while back in the day, not so long ago, under a different name. I’m one of those COMPLAINERS that loyal Trisk people hated so much, but I really didn’t spread my misery all over the internet, not all of us did.

    That aside, I wanted to say I’m happy your works are getting picked up. I wanted to reassure you that there is life, good writing life, after Triskelion. While I left (of my own free will) LONG before any of this mess was public, my break with them had a terrible affect on me. I lost any illusions of loyalty, building lasting relationships with a publisher. Some of that is probably a good thing.

    Wishing you the best and brightest.

  4. Beth Anderson Says:

    I sure go along with the ‘more than one publisher’ thing. I think it’s a very good idea. Best of luck with your new endeavors, Sloane. You’re a very hard worker and I know you’ll make a success of all three.

  5. Sloane Says:

    Hi Ciar,

    No we don’t know each other but I’m know your work and love it.

    I’m sorry you had to go through a bad time with Triskelion. Just be grateful you got out when you did! Sure wish I would have left sooner.

    Thank you for the good cheer. It’s appreciated.

    I wish you all the best and am looking forward to more of your releases.


  6. Sloane Says:

    Hi Beth!

    Thank you so much. Just keep that 2×4 handy when I start to slack off. lol