October 22, 2007 | General

Sometimes good things happen to people just when they need it most. You can imagine the elation I experienced when I opened an email last week from Prof. Charles C. Soludo, the Executive Governor of Nigeria, that read I’m to be awarded 10 million U.S. dollars for a construction contract that was never paid. It just blew me away. Holy Cats, Christmas would be a bonanza for my kids and Studs.

The three page email was very explicit in how I could claim my $10 million. The Governor only needed a few pieces of pertinent data, the original records had been burned in a massive fire, before a courier would appear at my door with a certified bank draft;

Full Name
Phone Number
Social Security Number
Driver’s License Number
Passport Number
Bank Name and Account Numbers

Actually, I’m surprised they didn’t ask for my bra size and dental impressions.

Obviously, you know this is a scam. Unfortunately, there are many people on the net who would willingly give out all their information because they believed this liar and his scam.

Please inform your friends and loved ones to never give information of any type to anyone without being face to face. Identity theft is a very real problem in our society. Let’s not make it easier for these scumbags to screw us over.

I’ll be back later this week with really good news! Until then…

Happy Writing!

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2 Responses to “I’M A WINNER!”

  1. Susan Kelley Says:

    You wouldn’t think something so blatant would work, but then I think of my 83 year old mother. There are still a lot of trusting people out there, but you were much to clever for their devious scheme. Have a good day.

  2. Sloane Says:

    Hi Susan,

    It’s a shame how people prey on one another. I firmly believe people have to forewarn others when this type of corruption is out to rob them of everyting they’ve worked hard to gain.