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October 31, 2007 | Interviews

ST: Good morning, Lucynda, please describe your writing space.
LS: Cluttered, terribly cluttered.

ST: What’s your favorite part of writing?
LS: Brainstorming and actually putting the words down.

ST: What do you absolutely hate about being an author?
LS: Hmm. Being interrupted, people thinking it is easy to write any novel length fiction from beginning to end.

ST: In your opinion what’s the most important thing for a new writer to learn?
LS: That you must finish.

ST: Your website is cool. I recommend everyone cruise over to and check it out. How did you decide on the content and design?
LS: Well, the tag “Cynfully Sweet, Cynfully Sexy” came to me and then I found the candy heart background. Although, I need to update it to something a little, um, more.

ST: Please tell us about your blog and how you decide what to write.
LS: First, I have two blogs: and
I try to make it related to writing, although sometimes other things come to be that I feel passionately about.

ST: We’ll be back tomorrow with more from Lucynda. Until then…

Happy Writing!

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