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December 13, 2007 | General

Hi Everyone and welcome to the Tabitha Shay Virtual Book Tour.

ST: Good to have you here, Tabitha. Why don’t we get right to the questions since we all know how busy authors are when they’re working on a deadline and you’re on a stiff one.

TS: Fire away!

ST: Anyone who has read your debut novel, Witch’s Brew, released in September by Eternal Press in E-Format, knows about those hot and steamy love scenes. What I want to know is were these burning scenes inspired by the relationship with your hubby?

TS: Well, of course. All the heroes I create are in some way based on my husband and our relationship. Need I say more? wink

ST: No Ma’am. I believe in open bedroom doors, but only in books. LOL. What are plans for future books?

TS: Right now, I’m working hard on my contemporary western romance, In The Arm’s of Danger due out in 08. No release date yet, then it’s back to my witches, with Witch’s Moon the third release in the Winslow Witches of Salem series. I can promise readers a whole new batch of problems for these witchy ladies.

ST: Sounds great. Do you have any new novels that have a release date and can you tell us a little about it??

TS: Yes. The second novel in the witch series, Witch’s Heart will be released in Feburary. It’s the story of the waken, Sage and the human female, Hannah he’s been sent to terminate. This book is chocked full of surprises. Giggles. Heck, even I was wowed by some of the surprises. It’s action packed and the love scenes are smokin’. Be sure to get your copy at Eternal Press.

ST: Where can our readers find you?

TS: I welcome you all to visit my website and learn more about my work. bg
ST: Thanks, Tabitha, for dropping by. I appreciate you taking time away from your edits.

TS: No problem, Sloane, but I have to scurry. Deadline you know. Thanks for the coffee and questions. Bye everyone!

ST: See you all in the morning with a new blog. Unitl then…

Happy Writing!

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2 Responses to “Virtually Tabitha Shay!”

  1. Ginger Says:

    Sloane & Tabitha,
    Just stopping in to see how the tour is going. Good questions, and I know Tabitha is searching for her cup of coffee. We already discussed this morning how we put them down and forget where they are. It’s kind of like looking for Easter eggs.

    I love your blogsite, Sloane. Very eye-appealing. I’ll have to list it on my favs. 🙂


  2. Sloane Says:

    Thanks, Ginger! My webmistress, Emily, does a fantastic job. As you well know, I’d be no where if web work was left to me!