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April 24, 2008 | General

Joyfully Reviewed’s 2008 Bunny Hunt is still open!! Tons of prizes to be had!

The contest closes late Friday, April 25. There’s still time to enter!

If you are interested the how-to is here or here.

With books (Print and E-Book) and many more prizes from…

Alexis Fleming
Aline de Chevigny
Annmarie Ortega
Ashlyn Chase
Barrie Abalard
Black Velvet Seductions
Brenda Williamson
Brenna Lyons
Brieanna Robertson
Cassandra Gold
Cassandra Kane
Cat Johnson
Cathy Maxwell
Celia Kyle
Cynnara Tregarth
Dawn Montgomery
E.G. Parsons
Elaine Cantrell
Elizabeth Amber
Emma Ray Garrett
Erin Aislinn
Firedrakes Weyr Publishing
Heather Hiestand – Anh Leod
Isabelle Drake
Jana Richards
Jennifer Mueller
Jordan Dane
Julia Templeton
Julianne MacLean
Karen Kelly
Kate Hofman
Kathleen Coddington
Katriena Knights
Kelley St. John
Kimberly Dean
Lori Wilde
Lucinda Betts
M. A. Ellis
MJ Fredrick
Marie Rochelle
Midnight Seductions Authors: MC Halliday, Beth Wylde, Adriana Kraft, Mila Ramos, Paige Tyler & Tess Mackall
Monica McCarthy
P.L. Parker
Patricia Grasso
Raine Delight
Selena Illyria
Sharona Nelson
Shelley Munro
Shelly Laurenston
Skylar Sinclair
Sloane Taylor
Sophia Johnson
Stephanie Vaughan
Susan Lyons
Sydney Sommers
Terry Odell
Tilly Greene
Yolanda Sfetso
and more????

or if you’d like to see the participating authors & prizes.

Have fun!

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey…Hotter than Hell

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