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June 4, 2008 | Friends

Tuesday Richards is a talented author with a voice thats rings loud and clear. You definitely want to read her work. TOO DEEP is action packed with twists and turns to keep you glued to the pages. Check out the blurb and excerpt to see for yourself.

Undercover 1: Too Deep by Tuesday Richards
Genre: Action/Suspense
ISBN: 9781935141013

Since the death of her mother Melissa Jacobs had to survive by living off the streets. Pulling cons to make ends meet. Until one day when her world was turned upside down when a guy in uniform threatens her and what’s left of her family if she does not cooperate.

Keagan Cole has been undercover in the largest drug cartel in Meximerica for two years. Realizing that he may have made a mistake in where he laid his loyalty and trust. Could the military and the government really be that dishonest? Decisions were made and he knew what he wanted until his past walked through the door.

Can a con artist be cured? Can the military threaten someone into doing what they want? Can a father and a daughter be reunited after ten years? Can high school sweethearts rekindle a lost love before all hell breaks loose?

“Boss, she is a self-admitted con artist.” Keagan paced in front of Cas’s desk. “You’ve seen her rap sheet. How can you honestly let her stay here?” He stopped and looked at him.

Cas took a deep breath and walked around the desk. He put a hand on Keagan’s shoulder. “She’s my daughter. Record or no record, she takes no shit, especially from the government.” This is more than I can say about myself.

“That’s all well and good, sir, but how do you know she’s not pulling a con on you?” Keagan was truly worried. He was a perfect candidate to replace his current business partner.

Cas smiled and walked back around his desk and sat down. “This is why you’re going to take her shopping and find out if she is running a con.” He leaned back and steeped his fingers. “You have been playing double agent for two years now. Pretend to still be on the black ops team and see if she is working against us, or if she is here for the reasons she says she is and while you’re at it, keep her safe.”

“All do respect, sir; I am not a body guard.” Keagan stood perfectly still with his hands behind his back. Never disrespectful but always blunt with his feelings.

“No Keagan, you’re not a body guard, but you are my right-hand man and I trust your judgment. Find out why she is here and what she is after.”

“Yes sir.” Keagan bowed and left the office.

Melissa and Keagan sat in the Star Bean coffee shop on the Reno strip. The silence was deafening and you could have cut the tension with a laser knife. Keagan stared at Melissa. She was just as beautiful as he remembered. She was a little more grown up and ruggedly attractive. He could tell she’d had a hard life by the way her eyes shifted watching everything. Always on guard, and she was always looking over her shoulder. “Why are you here, Mel?”

Her crystal blue eyes floated around to look at him. She seemed to study the question. Analyze every word before she spoke. “What do you mean? I’m here to see my father.”

Keagan shook his head and sipped his coffee. “We’ve known each other for a long time. Don’t bullshit me.” He put the bold brew on the table in front of him and glared right at her. “You have Topper written all over you.”

Her eyes went wide for a second. An untrained person would have missed it. “I’m sorry but who is Topper?”

“Oh come on, Mel! You’re a con artist and the daughter of the wealthiest drug lord in Meximerica. Topper would use and abuse you without thought.” He held eye contact with her hoping she would break down. He knew she was hiding something and it was something that had to do with Topper. What hold has he got on you Mel? Tell me so I can help.


I’ll be back later this week. Until then…

Happy Writing!

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  1. Tuesday Richards Says:

    THANKS SLOANE!!!! You are wonderful for putting this up! Love ya girl!