If You Think It’s Hot Now

June 16, 2008 | General, Uncategorized

by Linda Sole
Eternal Press


Sylvie knew that most of her friends settled for sex and a mutual liking, companionship and someone to share their lives. They went in for relationships that were never intended to be permanent, which might last for a few months or a few years, but would eventually end as one partner moved on to a new relationship.
“Marriage doesn’t matter anymore,” was the general theory, and Sylvie had gone along with it, but in her heart she couldn’t help wanting more.
Well, you’re not likely to find it with Rafe Wilde, she told herself firmly. He simply isn’t the marrying kind.
She sighed, then smiled at her own thoughts. Mr. Wilde was just too attractive for her peace of mind.
And yet there had been a moment in his arms when she would have given herself and not though twice about it. Even now there was a tender, sensitized feeling between her thighs, a need that she had never felt before.

Rafe could hardly believe what he was hearing. For a moment, as he sat at the restaurant table, staring at the woman opposite him, he thought he must have been mistaken. He was a businessman himself, and he had cut some tough deals in his time, but he’d never heard of anything this outrageous.
“Run that by me one more time,” he said, staring at Christine Penrith as if she had lost her mind. “You’re offering to give me those shares if I marry your granddaughter?”
Rafe Wilde was a striking man; dark-haired and blue-eyed with a jaw that hinted at a stubborn nature. He had that certain something that made women turn their heads when he walked by, a kind of latent sensuality that heightened awareness and promised much.
“Is that so outrageous?” Christine’s cool gray eyes narrowed. “I have something you want—and you can do me a favor. What is so very wrong with that? Besides, plenty of marriages are arranged that way, and they can work very well.”
“It’s ridiculous,” Rafe ejaculated. “Even if I were willing to go along with it, your granddaughter might have something to say about being married off on a whim of yours.”
“I was assuming you would be clever enough to get around that,” Christine said, a little smile on her mouth. “It shouldn’t be beyond your imagination, Mr. Wilde. Anyway, that’s my price for the shares—take it or leave it.”
Rafe stared at her in silence, his eyes smoldering with anger. In the cut and thrust of America’s high roller economy, he had come up against some hard cases, but this woman seemed to have no feelings in her. He felt sorry for the granddaughter he had never met.
“Sylvie will come home for her uncle’s wedding,” Christine said. She stood up, picking up her black leather gloves and smoothing them over hands that were beginning to knot with age. “Come to the wedding, Mr. Wilde. Meet my granddaughter—and then decide.”
“I have urgent business in the States.” Rafe’s blue eyes were diamond hard. He disliked being used, particularly like this, in matters he considered intensely personal, and his anger showed. “I doubt I could make it.”
“Then there is nothing more to say.”
Rafe watched as Mrs. Penrith walked from the dining room. She must be in her sixties, but she looked years younger, and she was a clever businesswoman, successful and wealthy. He had come to England to ask her to sell him the shares she owned in his company, but the price she was demanding was too high.
One marriage per lifetime was enough in Rafe’s opinion. He had been badly burned the first time, and hell could freeze over before he tried it again. Besides, he had a very satisfactory relationship going back home at the moment. Miranda was beautiful, sexy and too independent to think of marriage. Their affair was satisfying enough to keep them both content, and it was easy. The last thing Rafe wanted was to marry some neurotic English girl, who obviously couldn’t manage to find a husband for herself.
There had to be something seriously wrong with Miss Penrith if her grandmother was prepared to give away a small fortune to get her married off to a stranger!
As the waiter approached with his bill, Rafe extracted some notes from his wallet, his generous and distinctly sensuous mouth twisting in a wry grimace. He would give that option a miss, thank you. And there was always a slight chance that his uncle would agree to his idea. He would just have to catch the next plane to Paris and see what a little persuasion would do…


And darlin’, I’d love to be on that flight with you. Oh baby, this is one book you can’t put down. Linda Sole has created characters who are hot, hot, hot! I highly recommend you snap up a copy of TOO HOT TO HANDLE today.

You can read more about Linda Sole on her website. The lady is an amzazing writer.

I’ll be back later this week. Until then…

Happy Writing!
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