Not only does Teddi Turn On, but…

September 1, 2008 | Excerpts

David can’t keep his eyes to himself.

Back at his chair, David watched her reflection in the window and couldn’t figure out why she had seized his interest. Sure she had great tits and a fantastic ass, but he wasn’t a lech. Yet something about the woman made his cock jump to attention and all decent thoughts flip right out of his brain.

Obviously she was enjoying whatever her thoughts were. That sexy little expression gave her away, but not as much as the slow way she crossed her legs then squeezed her thighs together. What he wouldn’t give to be inside her head right now. Or better yet, inside her. Hot and wet. His two favorite sensations.

The possibility of being seated next to her on his flight to Germany brought on a strong desire to join the Mile High Club, an elite group he’d never before considered. He slid down in the chair, crossed his legs at the ankles, and explored his fantasy.

The light was passing into dark as she lifted his hand to her full mouth, sucking one finger at a time, while her smoldering gaze held his. His other hand roamed over her thin blouse and pulled it from her waistband. His fingers brushed her soft skin, inching up to free her incredible breasts. Soft kitten sounds from deep in her throat filled his ears, as his thumb and forefinger pinched and tugged on her engorged nipple.

Her face turned up, anticipating his kiss. He swiped his tongue over her hot lips before plunging in, imitating his strongest desire.

He worked her zipper free, then slid her slacks down over her hips and filled his hands with her perfect, rounded ass. She kicked off the restrictive clothes and climbed atop him after freeing his cock from his painfully tight jeans. Her long legs straddled his hips. When the heat from her pussy touched the tip of his cock, he plunged into her, praying for an air pocket to drive him in deeper, taking his sensation higher. His name was wrenched from her ripe mouth as he pounded…

“Mr. Stiefel.”

Why in the hell would she call him mister at a time like this?

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