Another Clue from FRENCH TART

October 26, 2008 | Contests

Doni is one tough chick.


“Right, and this is only foreplay.” Just to leave a permanent impression on the scruffy chef’s assistant, she yanked his handlebar moustache until her fingertips were covered with what she hoped were tears.

A pair of strong arms wrapped across her breasts then lifted her off the scum bucket that reeked of tarragon.

“Mademoiselle, calm yourself.” His rich baritone did nothing to soothe her. It created the opposite effect, which shocked Doni as a coil of heat charged to her clit.

She spun around in the now relaxed circle of muscle and sinew, ready to either claw out his eyes or flip him to the floor. Her mind wanted to do one while her trembling body thought the floor would prove more interesting. The hollow of his throat was lip level to her with curly brown hairs peeking over the ragged edge of black his tee-shirt. With effort she tore her thoughts away from licking his muscular neck and forced her glance up to his face, only to be met with a pair of twinkling, amber eyes. Nausea rolled over her.

“Chef Bonnot, I’m so sorry.” The urge to bow and kiss his hand overwhelmed her.

“No, no, mademoiselle, you have…”

“I apologize, sir.” Damn, her cherished plans to own a five-star restaurant flashed before her eyes. Somehow she had to make this right. For once she would prove to her father she wasn’t the major screw up he thought. She choked back the tears, threatening to gush like Niagara Falls. “I wouldn’t normally act like this, but your helper talks like a pig and I over-reacted. I’m really sorry.”

He laid his fingertips over her lips. Strong and warm. A shiver ran through her at the thought of sliding her tongue over the pads.

“Stop talking.” She sucked in air. A sensual aroma of lime and spice filled her lungs as she stared up at the king of haute cuisine.

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