JLo is in the HOUSE

December 10, 2008 | Friends

Hello, my name is Jennifer Loy. Most people call me JLo because there are always a lot of Jennifer’s, but I promise my hips are smaller than the real JLo.:)

I’ve been writing for three years and after two companies closed with my precious novels attached, I have finally found new publishers. Three infact. I’ve put my eggs in three baskets. The Wild Rose Press, Red Rose Publishing, and Champagne Books. I write in all genres, romantic comedy being my favorite to write, but I also write fantasy, suspense, and am working on a sci/fi-time travel.

Tomorrow, Dec. 11 my first ebook will release from Red Rose Publishing. I’m on the Coming Soon page. Yeah! I’m so excited! My new book is a romantic comedy entitled “There Goes the Neighborhood“. You can check it out on my website.

Victoria Slater is struggling through a busy tax time with April fifteenth just around the corner. Working out of her home doesn’t help when someone begins to play practical jokes on her. From mice in her kitchen to embarrassing singing telegrams. She doesn’t have time for the messes the culprit is causing and certainly not the two male neighbors, Christian Taylor or Kirk Jacobson; she’s dealt with for half her life.

Victoria decides to retaliate against Christian. He’s the only one who could be causing the trouble, her enemy since the eighth grade. It couldn’t be Kirk, her all time crush. After visiting a fortune teller she finds out that two men are pursuing her and one is misleading her.

With multiple misunderstandings, a year book note she never found, a sudden change of address, and a tenth year reunion, Victoria learns the true meaning of There Goes The Neighborhood.

Christian had turned on the kitchen light. I limped down the hall and watched him put pizza on two plates. I opened the drawer next to the phone and saw the handcuffs. I pulled them out. Christian heard the rattle behind him and turned around.

“Maybe I should do what I said. It’s the only way to keep track of you. The only problem is nothing could happen tonight at my house because of two reasons. You’re locked up or the real culprit takes a break. Then my theory wouldn’t work.”

Christian walked closer with a wide grin and his hand out.

“Or something does happen to your house, and I’m off the hook for good.”

I smiled and saw his point. “What side of the bed do you sleep on?” I asked.


“So do I, you lose,” I said and bent over. I quickly cuffed his left ankle to my right ankle.

“Why do I lose?”

“I’m the guest.”

“So, when I sleep over at your house, I get the left side?”

“Not gonna happen, this is only temporary.”

Christian let out a sigh. “I hate temporary,” he said and tried to walk back to the plates. “Come on, woman.”

“You know what? I have to use the bathroom before we permanently attach. Where’s the key?”

Christian raised his eyebrows and took both my hands.

“What do you mean where’s the key? Wasn’t it in the cuffs?”

“No,” I said, as we both leaned down to check the cuffs and bumped heads.

“Ouch!” he said and rubbed the side of his head.

“Oh, come on, I’ve been run over by a dog, slid naked across my grass, bitten by ants, listened to a fortune teller tell me I’d find a guy with a ck sound dog name, and stepped on a massive piece of glass. That didn’t hurt!”

“Kimo,” he said.

I squinted at him and hadn’t thought about his dog.

“Well, whatever,” I said. “Where would the key be?”

“Maybe it’s in the drawer?” he said, rummaging through it.

I started getting hot. I fanned myself with a piece of his mail.

“How can you be hot? It’s cold outside, and you’re in a pair of pajama boxers. By the way, they look extremely sexy on your beautiful long legs.”

I fanned faster then pushed him out of the way. “Let me look!” I pulled the drawer out and emptied it on the counter.

“Hey, I was working on it!”

“I’m too impatient for your rummaging.”

“This was your idea.”

“I know, it was a bad idea, okay? I admit it.” I organized the drawer as I put things back.

Christian stood there and folded his arms.

“I’m hungry.”

“So, eat,” I said, putting paperclips and rubber bands in their place.

“I can’t reach it.”

“So stretch.”

I felt my right leg rise up about a foot. I threw the last pen in the drawer and turned around.

“How long can you stand like that?” he asked.

“Like what?”

“On one foot?”

“I have good balance. Look at the size of my feet,” I said and hopped toward him. “Where else could the key be?”

“I have no idea. It was in there.”

“Let’s just take our pizza to bed,” I suggested.

He handed me a plate. “I thought you had to use the bathroom.”

“I’ll hold it.”

“All night?”

“I’m a big girl.” I walked by his side down the hallway.

“I forgot the kitchen light,” he said, and we doubled back.

He turned it off, and we walked into his room. I sat down on the chair and looked out the telescope. He sat at the foot of the bed and ate his pizza. All the lights were off in the house.

“Should we bring the dog in?” I asked.

“No, he can stay out tonight.”

“He was wet.”

“He’s made for the snow. He’ll be fine.”

I finished my pizza and looked at Christian.


“Yes,” I said and got up. We made our way back to the kitchen. “This sucks.”

“It’s not so bad.” He said pulling two cups from the cupboard.

“This is bad,” I said disagreeing.

“I can think of a way it wouldn’t be bad.”

“Keep that thought to yourself.” I filled my cup with water.

We crawled over the bed and pulled the covers over us.

“We’re terrible spies,” I said yawning.

“I’ll call my cousin in the morning. He’s got to have a spare key.”

I turned to my left side and felt Christian’s leg on mine. He pulled back and turned to his right side. My leg pulled back. I opened my eyes and sighed. I rolled to my back and scooted closer to him.

“You cold?” he asked.

“No, uncomfortable.”

“Sorry,” he said. He rolled to his back, took my hand, and squeezed it. “Remember how we’re supposed to tell each other everything?”

“Yes,” I said and got ready for his confession. Maybe he had waited until we were handcuffed, so I couldn’t kill him. Then the cops would surely know who did it. There was a long pause.


I will be running a contest today. Just contact me through my website www.jenniferloy.com and tomorrow I will pick a name out of a hat and the winner will receive my romantic comedy There Goes The Neighborhood on pdf format as an ebook. Go to Contact and message me… label the email “I want your book!” Of course put your name on there as well. Also, join my yahoo group to stay in touch and see when my new books are releasing.

Happy Holidays!

Jennifer Loy

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7 Responses to “JLo is in the HOUSE”

  1. Yasmine Phoenix Says:

    I just love that name. Ask Sloane why. I’m about to pop over to your website and put my name in the hat.

  2. Melissa Bradley Says:

    This sounds absolutely hilarious. Nothing like being cuffed to your nemesis, especially when he’s hot. I like your style.

  3. Jennifer Loy Says:

    Yasmine, Thanks and I will ask her. Got your drawing entry. Good Luck!

    Thanks and it was a funny book to write. I found myself laughing out loud while writing and my family thought I was crazy. Oh well. Put your entry in at my website for a chance to win it. Good Luck!


  4. Margaret Tanner Says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Great article. I certainly know how you feel. I had a publisher who went out of business too. I had two books published with them and another four contracted. A shocking feeling. Like you have obviously done, I also found myself other publishers, The Wild Rose Press and Whiskey Creek Press.

  5. Sloane Says:

    Hi JLo,
    Thanks for coming on and the great post. Congrats on your books and proving Success is the Best Revenge!

    Wishing you thousands of sales and Happy Holidays,

  6. Jennifer Loy Says:

    Thanks for having me Sloane and Happy Holidays to you as well!

    Yasmine congrats for winning There Goes the Neighborhood…the first ever to get a copy. Enjoy!

  7. Pam Champagne Says:

    Love the title of your new release! Makes it a must read.