A Sweet Opportunity

February 14, 2011 | Friends

During the day, Celia Kyle is an Assistant Controller of a multi-million dollar company that manages a billion dollar portfolio of apartment communities and commercial buildings. By night, she’s a multi-published author of over thirty works. Celia has created several multi-author series’ including Strange Hollow at Liquid Silver Books and the Big, Blooming & Wild and Dragon Kin series’ with Changeling Press. She also worked as the Art Director for Aspen Mountain Press. So what does a high energy person do to round out her career? Found out in our Q & A session.

What prompted you to open Summerhouse Publishing house?

I had a few “edgier” stories that I wanted to publish but was worried that they’d be too much for some of my current publishers and the idea of self-publishing came to mind. Unfortunately, there are a few stigmas surrounding self-published works, costs for artwork that can cost a pretty penny as well as the need for quality editing before publication. I figured that if I had those concerns, others probably did as well. SHP provides authors a “house” to stand behind, quality editing, gorgeous artwork and two owners dedicated to marketing their authors to their fullest.

I felt there was a gap within the industry. With the growing popularity of self-publishing, Summerhouse Publishing acts as a middle ground between authors self-publishing their works and a full scale publishing house. We take well-written manuscripts and give them a final polish with copy-editing, provide professional cover art, wide spread distribution and extensive marketing. We help eliminate the stigma surrounding self-publishing by giving those authors a “house” to stand behind.

How will your house be different than anything we’ve seen before?

We showcase works different from the norm, sweet romances with space pirates and legends of King Arthur to books where a sexy djinn is trapped in a treadmill and not a lamp. Also, our “taboo” list is a smidge shorter than other publishers. We want envelopes pushed and stories that aren’t the “norm”.

What kind of product will you deliver to your readers?

Engaging, exciting and captivating books. Short or long, sweet or erotic, SHP wants to be a go-to place for readers. We’ve got three lines of short works geared toward readers searching for something on their lunch hour to novels for those that like to settle in for a night spent in another world.

When is the grand opening?

We open March 14th. Our release program is one book every other week, but on opening day we feature two books.

The first is HER DARK FAIRY by Ella Vines, an engaging historical paranormal erotic romance that touches your heart and *ahem* other places.

The second is INDIGO RAIN by Taige Crenshaw, an action-packed paranormal erotic romance with plenty of fighting both in and out of the bedroom.

Tell us a little about your future releases and their authors.

Davida McLea brings us some roadside lovin’ and Darragha Foster is the source of the aforementioned treadmill djinn. Wayne Greenough tugs us into space while KG McAbee hurls us into the past with her gothic romance. Scottie Blaine shows us her love of horses and manlove. Then there’s Mina Carter who always manages to get your heart pumping with both fighting and sex…occasionally at the same time. And Lizzie Lynn Lee brings us a lot of passion in many unusual locations.

What sort of stories will SHP offer and in what lengths and formats?

Everything from straight contemporary to paranormal to BDSM and everything in between. There are no limits to the sub-genres and sexual encounters we are interested in. We publish works as short as 3,000 words and actually have three short story lines specifically targeted for readers who like a quick shot of love on their lunch hours. Can’t Think Straight features same-sex couples, both male/male and female/female while Digital Decadence features heterosexual couples. And Electronic Excess welcomes multiple partner relationships/sexual encounters.

Do you have any specific lines that readers watch for?

We’ve got three special short story lines featuring same-sex relationships (Can’t Think Straight), heterosexual relationships (Digital Decadence) as well as multi-partner relationships (Electronic Excess).

Why will readers want to keep SHP books on their readers?

We’ll constantly be offering new books that touch their hearts and *ahem* other places. Not necessarily in the same book. We’ll have all flavors of romance and erotica with something sure to tempt the most discerning reader.

Are you open for submissions? Do you accept unagented, unpublished authors, and unsolicited submissions?

Of course! Authors are authors, plain and simple. We welcome everyone.

What type of stories is Summerhouse Publishing seeking? What are your submission requirements?

We accept works as short as 3,000 words to full-length novels. Those manuscripts are well-written, with no plot holes, head hopping and have been thoroughly self-edited. Currently I’m interested in interesting stories. I know that’s pretty vague, but there are so many sub-genres that I enjoy in romance and erotica that I have a hard time settling on just a handful right now.

Why will authors want to write for SHP?

Authors that want a house that encourages their imaginations to fly free, that crave fewer limitations, should consider us. We are transparent in our dealings with authors and staff. Short of providing my social security number, I’m more than happy to answer any questions authors may have. I actually encourage any authors even thinking of submitting to SHP to contact me with any and all concerns. I want authors and staff happy to be associated with SHP, to be proud to have their manuscripts accepted and thrilled to list SHP on their resumes. Also, our pay rate start at 60% net. Those rates rise up to 70% net as sales rise.

Do you have a strategy to make your company get known?

We’ll be actively marketing books in a variety of ways including social networking, advertising on blogs and press releases.

Will you be making any appearances at conferences this year?

2011 is a year of growth and setting roots for SHP. We’re reinvesting any profits made into the house, its authors and staff. While I believe that appearances will be an important part of networking in the future, we want to make sure that establishing SHP is our first priority.

How can readers easily find the latest updates on SHP, its books, its authors?

On our website. We also have a blog. It’s updated regularly during our pre-opening days, then it will be Shanghaied by our authors. We can also be found on twitter and facebook.

Besides your website, where else will your books be available for purchase?

We’ll be at the major distributors including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the iBookstore.

Thanks, Celia, for coming out. With your acumen and talent, I know you’ll have a huge success with Summerhouse Publishing.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new Tuesday Teaser. Until then…

Happy Reading.

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey…Hotter than Hell

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  1. Michal Scott Says:

    Hi Sloane,

    Thanks for the heads up. My Christian erotica and erotic romance might find a home here. I’ll check them out.


  2. Jan Springer Says:

    Hi Celia and Sloane!

    Great website for Summerhouse Publishing, Celia. Love the covers! Best wishes for a huge success!! 🙂


  3. Marie Tuhart Says:

    Celia, how exciting it is to open a new publishing house. I’ll be checking it out, and who knows you may see something from me.

  4. Melissa Bradley Says:

    What a great venture and an awesome opportunity for writers. Best of luck, Celia.