January 27, 2019 | Author Friend Promo

by Michael Weitz

There are a lot of stores out there these days that take gently used media such as CDs, DVDs and books as trade. Usually you receive store credit rather than straight across goods for goods, but it’s better than nothing, right? Other options are donations to libraries, schools, Goodwill or other similar stores. I’ve found another option as well. I put my book down and left. Yep, walked away.

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What? you’re saying. How could I do such a thing? I know, but let me explain.

My wife and I took a vacation recently. It doesn’t matter where, but let’s just say there was a beach, a swimming pool or two and more than enough lounge chairs fit for reading. Lots and lots of reading. One of the things we discovered while walking around was a tray of sorts with a few books on it. You could even describe them as gently used. Great idea, we thought! Any books we get through and didn’t want to schlep back home in our luggage could be left there for others to enjoy.

After all, when you’ve read a great story you can always tell your friends about it, but getting someone you don’t know to read something you’ve enjoyed is just as fun. Remember, they’ll run out of reading material too! In fact, we heard people talking about how they didn’t bring enough books to read. So we may very well have rescued someone from not having something to read! Think of it. And if one of my bookmarks directing them to my website happened to be left inside, well, what can I say? More for them to read on their next trip, right?

All my best,
Michael Weitz

Here is a short intro to Michael’s first Ray Gordon Mystery novel for your reading pleasure.

Making house calls or meeting people in public places is how Ray Gordon makes his living. He’s not a doctor. He’s not a prostitute. Ray Gordon is a chess teacher.

When one of Ray’s students, Walter Kelly, is found dead in his shop, the police and his family let it go as an accident. Ray, however, doesn’t buy it. As a former cop with a lingering curiosity, Ray snoops around and stumbles into the murky world of methamphetamine, the worst drug epidemic of our time.

The problem? Walter Kelly was sixty-five years old and his only addictions were woodworking and chess. How does a sixty-five-year-old man become involved with illegal drugs? Why is a neighbor glad Walter’s dead? And just how do dead men play chess?

Even Dead Men Play Chess Amazon

And a brief look at Book Two of the Ray Gordon Mystery novels.

The favorite to win the US Chess Championship is found dead. Was it suicide, or murder? Unfortunately the cop who lands the case is Ray Gordon’s former partner – and the two haven’t spoken in years for good reason. Since the victim was a friend and he doesn’t trust the police investigation, Ray decides to take matter into his own hands. When others begin to diappear though, Ray finds himself deep within a savage game that becomes personal in more ways than one.

They say when it rains, it pours. For Ray that cliché couldn’t be more true.

The Grandmaster’s King Amazon

Michael Weitz is an award-winning author who grew up in the Pacific Northwest, usually reading anything he could get his hands on. He wrote his first novel in the 6th Grade — an eight page rip-off of Star Wars.

A variety of jobs including waiter, gas station attendant, truck driver and a host of others, helped shape his world. After college he landed in the television industry where he wrote and produced a multitude of award-winning commercials, two documentaries about Mt. St. Helens and various other projects.

After a few years in Phoenix, AZ, Michael, his wife, and their dogs are back in the Pacific Northwest. Currently working on the next Ray Gordon mystery, Michael may also be found reading, playing chess or shooting pool. As an avid photographer, he enjoys traveling anywhere picturesque with his wife.

Learn more about Michael Weitz on his website and Goodreads.

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