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Twas the Night Before

December 23, 2006 | Holidays

Christmas Eve and all through the house Sloane was hysterical from chasing a mouse. Not really, it just seemed like a good way to start the blog being the holidays and all.

To all of you around the world, no matter what your religious beliefs, I wish you and yours a Happy Holiday Season and may the New Year bring you prosperity and health.

See you next year!

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Decades are Deplorable

December 8, 2006 | Family

I awoke this morning to discover I am now a woman of a certain age. And I HATE it.

Am I sad? Yes.
Depressed? Don’t know and don’t want to waste the energy analyzing that possibility.
Do I wish I could turn back the clock? Definitely.
Do I resent not accomplishing enough by this point? Here’s where I choke and want to cry.
Do I want to slap the shit out of every person I run into today? Without a doubt.

These past two weeks have been a difficult time dealing with this horrendous milestone of my life. I’ve looked in the mirror and been surprised at the physical changes in me, not one of them for the better. But yesterday my tender-hearted daughter took me in hand and gave me a life’s lesson I soon won’t forget.

At their home my youngest granddaughter walked up to me with a bouquet and B handed me a card. Since the kids are sick and unable to attend school, I figured the flowers were my gift a day early and we wouldn’t get together on the day. But they weren’t.

The presents were only from B who wanted me to celebrate the last day of my then current decade. She advised me to relish all the good that had happened and reflect on the negatives with a promise to learn from them.

Her wisdom and kindness amaze me. I don’t know who B’s real mother is because I’m now convinced the hospital tossed her into the arms of a stranger. And I’m grateful they did.

I love you, B. Thank you for teaching this old dog a new trick.


You’re at the wrong blog!

December 5, 2006 | General

Hey! You should be over at the Triskelion Authors blog not here.

Head on over, I’ve got a contest running and would love to have you win.


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The Bitch is Back

December 4, 2006 | The Soapbox

And I’m not talking about the old Elton John song. In fact, I don’t even mean people, specifically me. This blog is all about complaining, griping, voila!, bitching and football. No whining allowed.

Studs says a romance writer shouldn’t blog sports. He’s probably right, but after watching tight ends in spandex for many a game,we won’t discuss drooling in this blog by the way, I finally learned a little about the game. And here’s what I perceived after Sunday afternoon’s debacle; Rex Grossman is not a Pro. In fact he doesn’t even qualify as a man. he’s a boy who’s lost the ability to play high school football. No slur intended to all the fine students who dedicate themselves to the game.

The only reason the Chicago Bears won yesterday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings was through the efforts of everyone else on the team. Yes, folks, that’s correct. When we have defense players the caliber of Lance Briggs who has no problem getting into the Viking Quarterback’s face so Brian Urlacher can intercept the ball, baby you got some Pros.

Devin Hester from Special Teams made another outstanding play (his first a couple of games back when he made a 108.4 yard TD) as he made the first touchdown of this game in the second quarter.

Back to the defense and Ricky Manning Jr. who made a second touchdown in the third quarter. And of course Cedric Benson who in the fourth brought in our third TD.

Then there was Robbie Gould and his dead-on kicks for the extra point after each touchdown. You’ve got to love his accuracy.

See folks, these men play as a team. They are Pros giving their all, along with the other outstanding men in their sections, to bring home victories and move us up the ladder to the play-offs and maybe even the Super Bowl.

Lovie Smith insists Grossman will play in next Sunday’s game against the Rams. What in the world is he thinking?

That’s it folks. The bitch is over. I’m going to take Studs advice and return to what I know best – romance, sex, and consumation.

Have a good day,

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It’s funny how a person’s mind works

December 1, 2006 | Remembering

How one experience can draw you into the past and those events become as clear as if they were happening in the present.

Last week-end Studs and I went to Champaign, IL to watch his nephew play for the Football State Championship. In the Class 8A Wheaton-Warrenville South beat Mt. Carmel by 21 points. We all cheered for Sam Burke and the Tigers until we were horse.

While I sat in the grandstands flashbacks of 16 years ago when my daughter and her team played for the Girls Basketball State Championship came to mind. They won, bringing home a first victory for their school. Another proud moment in my life.

I wasn’t at her game that night and I’m sorry I missed all the excitement and joy the girls felt. I was needed by my parents who were going through the toughest time a married couple can share. It was the night my father died.

Amazing how extreme joy can be shared with the deepest sorrow. And even more surprising is how the time flies as if 16 years were only a moment ago.

Have a good week-end and be sure to tell someone important to you that you love them.


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Come Out and Play

November 30, 2006 | Promotion

If you’re out and about on the net tonight, drop in at 9pm EST. I’ll be chatting with The Gabrina Team and have lots of prizes to give away.

Hope to see you there!

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It’s Just One Woman’s Opinion

November 27, 2006 | The Soapbox

And I’m entitled to it! Game after game I watch Rex Grossman do stupid plays and am more then willing to sell my PSL seat to anyone crazy enough to hand over five bucks. The guy is not a quarterback. Hell, he’s barely a football player. And as for team player, do not get me started on that topic.

His coach has publicly commented that Rex doesn’t always follow the rules and becomes a little anxious out on the field. NO SHIT! Well, I’m anxious too. I want to see my Chicago Bears win and beat the snot out of their opponents all the way through the Super Bowl. Hey, I can dream.

Lovie, you can be just like Loretta Lynn and stand by your man, but like her you’ll end up dead and sadly bring the entire team down in the process.

My rant is over and thank you for listening,

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Yasmine Phoenix Hits Her Mark

November 22, 2006 | Applause

Congratulations to Yasmine Phoenix a talented multi-cultural writer who just sold her first work, a short story, to Parker Publishing, LLC. The Red Dress will be part of an anthology celebrating African-American Romance Fiction.

The collection is the baby of Niobia Bryant and Kim Louise, two brilliant authors, and is named Soul Love: The Ultimate Collection. Look for it at your favorite book store January 2008.

You can read more on Yasmine’s blog While you’re there, check out her website. It’s beautiful and informative. I guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself.

Congratulations again, Yasmine. We look forward to many more of your unique stories and novels.


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I Have Been Possessed and Lived to Tell

November 21, 2006 | General

It all started this past Sunday when I snapped a dishcloth in Rex Grossman’s face. He had done yet another stupid play and I’d finally had enough.

Studs and I, loyal Bears fans that we are, were glued to the TV. Now I’m not the world’s most brilliant person, but I know dumb when I see it and Grossman was once again playing brainless. I was so aggravated that I retreated into the kitchen to complete the finishing touches for our little tailgate party.

Halftime came, the food was ready, and I was still pissed at Mr. Football. Studs moved to the couch for easier access to the coffee table and his plate while I grabbed a wing chair with the remote stuffed in the cushion. Earlier Studs had been flipping channels between the Bears and the Patriots games. I adore Bill Belachek and his coaching. No one can fault the guy’s leadership or record. After grumbling about the remote’s location, jammed into my hip was not pleasant, I took over the job as head clicker. And I fell in love!

It all became clear why men were drawn to and driven by the power of such a small device. If Grossman pissed me off again one easy finger action, not that one people, and click it was Tom Brady doing some spectacular play. What a rush!

When the afternoon games were finished, we sped through cleaning the cottage and headed back to the city for the Sunday Night games with the best announcers around, John Madden and Al Michaels.

We make it home in time for the kickoff of the Chargers and Broncos. Within minutes, Studs was in dreamland stretched out on the recliner and I was nestled into the couch under a thirty pound afghan with the remote, because now it’s mine, lying on my chest.

The power. God, I loved the power. Click, it’s the game, another click, it’s Without a Trace. Back and forth, back in forth, all night long. I was in Utopia.

Monday night football arrived and I skulked around until I located my new best friend, the remote. Back under the afghan and another re-entry to Eden. That awesome power was back.

Somewhere in the back of my mind a niggling fear took hold. Had aliens come down and changed me into a man? Was my next gesture a public scratch? Shudders ran threw me at the vile thought. I lifted my thin narrow friend and eyed it suspiciously. Was it some foreign device erasing my femininity?

Reason took hold. With a shriek I tossed the evil devil across the room onto Studs lap, vowing never to cohabitate with the devil again.

The world is again on its axis and I am at peace. Life is once again normal as I consider which lingerie to wear and plan dinner. The horror has ended and I am grateful.


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You put that little thingy where?

November 14, 2006 | General

Have you ever jumped into the shower and had ice chunks rain down on your naked body? I did last week and it was horrible.

We have this problem with our hot water heater and its venting system. The amount of wind has absolutely no effect on it. It’s the wind direction that matters. Unfortunately, we’ve never been able to figure out what that direction is. So all you can do is flip the faucet and hope for the best.

And that’s just what I did last Friday without success. Freezing and swearing I grabbed a robe then stomped to the heater with my blow torch in hand, vowing this time I’d buy the new On Demand Water Heater no matter how much the damned thing cost.

Once at the water heater I saw our pilot was located about a half inch off the floor in the smallest laundry room any builder could plan. There’s not a lot of room for my 5′ 8″ to sprawl out, but I made it. Time after time I followed the re-start directions. Time after time the damned thing refused to light.

What’s a frustrated woman to do? Call Studs. I hate to bother him at work, but I was pissed by now and wanted a damned hot shower. We discussed the problem, one of us civilly while the other was cussing a blue streak. I’m sure you’ve guessed who was doing what. We agreed I’d go to the parts store and buy a new thermocouple and Studs would change it when he got home.

So on the way to the store I’m thinking, what would my heroine do? Francine is a feisty gal even if she is only 5′ 4″. Dammit! Francie would get down on the floor and fix the thing herself. Well, if Francie could do it, why couldn’t Sloane? I made up my mind right then and there I would.

The man at the store was a doll, not with his assistance – just with his gorgeous blue eyes with thick black lashes. Why is it guys always have long eyelashes? Anyhow, I digress. All this man kept saying was, “Follow the directions” and “Don’t force it”. Not much help in my humble opinion because I have a problem reading and deciphering the written word on stuff.

Back home, I ripped open the plastic packet and read the directions. I may as well have been reading Greek for all the sense it made to me. With the parts dumped on the floor and me flat on my back, I used my handy-dandy flashlight to figure out the removal of the old and installation of the new.

Hot Damn! I could do this and did in a matter of about 20 minutes. So for $7.93 I fixed the hot water heater, eased Studs burden on the home front, and got a great back rub for all my efforts. Did I forget to mention how extremely proud I felt at doing something out of my realm? Oh yeah, I was dancing on air.

Maybe this week I attempt the vacuum cleaner and figure out why the thing barely sucks!

Have a great week,

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