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June 16, 2010

Life is Good

When you enjoy a perfect evening at an excellent restaurant. Studs and I were fortunate enough to have just that this past Saturday at Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano in Bloomington, IL.

We kicked off the evening with a cocktail at the bar until our table was set which only took a matter of minutes.

As usual, I was cheat sheeting the menu and rapidly scrawling the ingredients for Chicken Piemontese, Tilapia with Lemon Caper Cream and Formaggi Di Cappa, a delicious herbed goat cheese, when our server caught me. After a few jokes about me and a prison cell, Adam got down to the business of the day’s specials and offered wonderful suggestions for the ideal dinner. Not only does he have a marvelous sense of humor, the man knows his food.

Throughout the expertly served meal we got to learn a little about Adam’s life. He was originally from Elgin, Illinois and has worked in kitchens since the tender age of thirteen. Adam came to Bloomington to visit friends. One night they dined at Biaggi’s, during which he chatted with the manager and head chef. The next day Adam was hired and prepared to relocate. We asked about his future plans. Adam’s dream is to own a restaurant. From the short time we were together, Studs and I are confident this young man will be a huge success.

He shared a rib recipe with us but, like all creative cooks, didn’t commit to the ingredient amounts. I don’t think it would be hard for any of us to figure it out. I hope.


Apple Cider
Brown Sugar
Chili Flakes
Spare Ribs

Pre-boil ribs until they almost fall off the bone.

Over medium heat bring the apple cider to a boil. Add brown sugar and chili flakes. Continue to cook until the sauce is candied.

Heat the oven to 350 F. Brush the sauce over the ribs and bake for 30 minutes.

Sure sounds good to me!

Biaggi’s is a casual dress restaurant even though the tables are set with crisp linens. They offer superb fresh food and have a flair for creating an intimate atmosphere with subdued lighting and plenty of space between tables. It is a beautiful experience and one we will enjoy many times. It’s a must, their menu’s too tempting!

They have twenty restaurants around the country. To find the one closest to you click HERE. I guarantee you’ll love the food at any of them. Unfortunately, you won’t have Adam, and that’s a real shame.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a bit of unabashed self-promotion. 🙂 Until then…

Happy Writing!

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey…Hotter than Hell

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March 6, 2008

The Magnificent Men are back on top!

Today is one FANTASTIC day! Aspen Mountain Press offered me a contract for TEDDI TURNS ON, book one of the Magnificent Men of Munich series. Life can hardly get better!

Have a great day,

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February 4, 2008

Hear that boom?

That’s me popping open champagne and dancing around my office like a person who has found true freedom.

Why, you ask, and thank you for doing so.

All my books are legally released from being held hostage by the bankruptcy court!!!!!!!

It’s a glorious day to celebrate. I intend to do so with Studs the minute he walks in the door tonight.

See you all soon.

Until then…

Happy Writing!

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November 26, 2007

I’m making it to the big time!

My good buddy Gabrina Garza informed me FRANCINE ON FIRE is now for sale on Amazon. Now how cool is that!

The book is being sold through Amazon’s Kindle Store. I haven’t a clue what a Kindle is, so if anyone knows please drop me a line.

Happy Writing!

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October 24, 2007

Life Just Keeps Getting Better

At least for this writer it does. I am ecstatic to announce that Aspen Mountain Press has offered me another contract!

The new book is titled PHOTO OP! and is due to them by January 18, 2008. Seems like a long way off, but I know the time will pass faster than a jet on takeoff.

PHOTO OP! will run between 15,000 – 20,000 words of pure fun, love, and hot sex. I can’t wait to see the cover Aspen Mountain Press designs. They always do a breathtaking job.

The release date isn’t set yet, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted. Until then…

Happy Writing!

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July 27, 2007

I’m baaack!

For over a month I have been depressed. Nothing mattered. There was a huge, empty void that had replaced my soul and robbed me of my creativity. No matter what I did I could not move past this mess with my previous publisher. It got so bad I couldn’t stand the thought of getting dressed each morning or moving beyond hours of online Mah Jong.

Apparently, the powers that be decided Studs and my family, along with several close friends, had enough of my self-indulgence. Yesterday the world changed. The horrid cloak of emptiness was whisked away by some unknown force. THANK GOD!

What changed my attitude? Glad you asked. First, Aspen Mountain Press has contracted me for a new book to be released in September. Check out their site, it’s beautiful. I’ve also met my new editor Holly who has a fantastic sense of humor and knows her stuff. Then Shadow Rose Publishing requested a new book. They’re site is great, too. Finally, Eternal Press, out of Australia, requested synopses on a new series I’ve been toying with. Their site is another one to check out.

Last night Studs and I worked through a synopsis. He’s such a doll and my hero. Even though he complains, the man comes up with fantastic ideas to flesh out a story. In fact, Studs has helped with the last three books. I do love that man.

So world, be prepared. Sloane Taylor is back and this old gal ain’t lying down any more!

Now, I really have to get back to work. I’ll catch up with you next week. Until then…

Happy writing!

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December 10, 2005


It’s not my custom to blog on week-ends but today is a highlight day. Every year I give my family a gift on my birthday. It’s an Asian custom my dad taught me years ago. If anyone knows which country in Asia, would you please comment here?

So we’re off to see A Christmas Carol at the Goodman Theater in downtown Chicago. Afterward we’ll spend the early evening enjoying the Christkindlmarkt where all these wonderful items from Germany and Austria are sold. There’s also tons of food, gallons of beer, and live music. The kids and Studly have never seen anything like it and should have a good time.

They always treat me to dinner and I get to choose the restaurant. We agreed on one closer to home because we’re in for another snowstorm tonight. Bring on the lasagna and Chianti, Sanfrantello’s here we come.

Hope you all have a wonderful week-end!


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November 25, 2005


Our good friends, Bonnie and Tom, came for dinner last Tuesday. It was a fun evening with Tom’s constant off-beat cracks about life in general and Bonnie’s zest for everything.

We four have been mulling over a trip to Europe next summer, my least favorite time to travel, for almost a year. With enough pineapple vodka flowing through Tom and Studly’s veins, they finally popped loose with those coveted Visa cards.

Everyone’s excited to spend three weeks split between Italy, Austria, and Bavaria. Bonnie’s practically balistic to visit the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. Tom’s already practicing his German to sing along in the father of all beer halls, the Hofbrauhaus. Studly just grins and waggles his eyebrows thinking about ten nights in Italy. I do love that man. Then there’s me, sitting back and imaging all the story lines that will fill my notebooks as we ride the trains through these countries. And if I don’t get my ass pinched in Rome this time, I’m gonna throw a fit!


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