David & Teddi Traveling to the Land of Rejection

December 1, 2005 | It's All About Writing

Yesterday was a writing bomb that let rip a sound heard around the world. Well, at least the world of Teddi and David.

I worked for hours, literally HOURS, because it’s time for David to grow a conscience. Yes, he feels guilt but not as much as I do for not expanding his 139 word POV into at least 500.

It just doesn’t work! Every new word sounds eactly as it is – filler. Editors do NOT like filler. As we all know, every word has to move the story forward. My extra words offer insight to his character but even had me nodding off. I can just imagine if my critique partners or the Brazen Vixens ever got a hold of this crap. There’d be more 2×4’s and crops waving than flags on the Fourth of July.

So it’s decision time. Do I shoot myself in the foot to meet a word count or do I do right by my hero? Have to do the right thing. If the editor doesn’t like his angst in a well-written, tight 139 words, she’ll tell me. Maybe she’ll even say it’s good. And maybe I really will wake up tomorrow and be a natural blonde!

Ah well, back to the delete key.

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9 Responses to “David & Teddi Traveling to the Land of Rejection”

  1. Sherrill Quinn Says:

    Sloane, you had me feeling sorry for myself until you jumped in with your normal self-deprecating humor. “Maybe I really will wake up tomorrow and be a natural blonde!” LOL

    Baby, go with what your gut tells you is right. If that means 139 words, then that’s what you’ve got. As you say, the editor will give you direction if it doesn’t work for her (or him).

  2. Sherrill Quinn Says:

    Okay, I meant feeling sorry for you. You. Feeling sorry for myself doesn’t really make any sense. Oy vay. Chalk it up to food deprivation. It’s 1:00 and I haven’t had anything to eat yet. Think I’ll go put something in my mouth besides my foot…

  3. Sloane Says:

    Not only are you right, you’re very funny. You should add more humor in your writing. You’re a natural.And don’t use those big words cause I have to look em up in the dictionary and it takes time away from stalling on my writing.

    By the way, I still think Jenna has achieved serenity. Go over and see my response to you two doubters.

  4. Yasmine Says:

    Huh Sloane. Having read your story, I get the feeling David is a man of few words, he’s a man of action, hot action, hot sex, he demonstates, he doesn’t talk his way through emotions.

  5. Jenna Says:

    It is I…the serene one. Let’s all just take a moment and soak that in. Me…serene.


    I’m just gonna ditto what Yasmine said because, well, it’s very “deep thought”. And I’m thunked out today.

  6. Kate Lang Says:

    I think sometimes we try to make men more complicated than they are. Men do…women think. Let him SHOW his guilty conscience. I think it would be more powerful.

    But what the hell do I know? I got writers block so big I never see the light of day…



  7. Sloane Says:

    Yes Yasmine, David is a man of action – plenty of action – but he has a sensitive side he hates to show the world. That’s why I love being the writer. He has to do what I say or it’s back in the box for another year and Wonderful Wolfe gets to come out and play.

    Diva, I never said YOU were serene. Never gonna happen. It’s the new look on your website screaming serenity, dammit!

    Mama, you need to relax. Look at the hunks on your blog, when you’re done drooling – oops that was me, you’ve got every kind of hero imaginable along with bodies that won’t quit. There’s inspiration there and a hot story line. Close your eyes and it’ll come to you.

  8. Jenna Howard Says:

    Sloane, ah you crack me up.

    I so wanted to be the serene one. Instead my blog is.

    Damn this Diva attitude of mine.

  9. Sloane Says:

    Could I just say you’re pushing the envelope here? Never damn the attitude. It’s what makes you unique. Now get back to writing!!!