By Jove, she thinks she’s got it!

December 2, 2005 | PROCRASTINATION

By my 15 year old Merriam-Webster the definition of PROCRASTINATION is;
to put off usu. habitually the doing of something that should be done.
Syn; dawdle, delay, loiter

By Roget’s SUPER Thesaurus Third Edition we have;
Put off, stall, delay, shilly-shally, dawdle, temporize and the list continues.

Yup! The above is correct and then some. What amazed me was not seeing Sloane Taylor playing Spider Solitaire. What the hell! I’m a recognized personality in some circles. Okay, okay, they’re very small circles but Studly still thinks I’m somethin’. Hmmm…. Sorry, I got side-tracked for a moment.

Procrastination – my favorite passtime. I can come up with more ways to laze around and not write than there’s books at Borders. My favorite is Spider Solitaire. It’s a relaxer for the mind as well as keeping one sharp on manipulating the mouse. I can Spider for hours without one moment of guilt.

Then my friend, Jenna Howard, taught me the fine art of blogging. You have got to go on her site. HOT DAMN! A new way to use up my day and avoid writing. Could life get any better? Yah, well, maybe a royalty check but let’s not go there.

So in the back door slips Kate Lang with a hunkorama blog closely followed by Sherrill Quinn rivets you better than Rosie. Have Mercy! These ladies are filling my day with so much to read there’s no time for the Spider fix.

Maya Reynolds stepped up to the plate and educated me on the fine points of this industry we so love/hate. Now there’s a blog well worth every second Maya spends. The chick ought to charge for the pleasure of reading her info.

Yasmine Phoenix, a new and promising author, just started to blog. She’s witty and has these two kids who could fill pages with stories of their hectic, unconventional lives.

All these exceptional people are on the links page, be sure to check them out. Then join in the fun. It’s a great way to spend the day.

I’m always searching for a new method of procrastination. So to all you kind Americans, Canadians, Europeans, and Indians who have clicked on this site, won’t you please share with me your best way to procrastinate?

Sloane who has to get over to Kate’s site again. I need to check if she’s answered yet.

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11 Responses to “By Jove, she thinks she’s got it!”

  1. Sherrill Quinn Says:

    I take it you haven’t discovered the “Next Blog” button at the top of most Blogger blog sites? And if you haven’t read Miss Snark yet… add her to your list. She’s a must read! (

    Other ways to procrastinate… web surfing for pictures of hunks by which to distract my friends. 🙂

    Clickin on my frickin email button every 5 minutes.

    Drinking Coke Zero with Raspberry Vodka. (Thanks, Jenna. You’re gonna turn me into a boozer like you and Kate.) 🙂

    Playing Text Twist on Yahoo!Games.

    Man, the list is endless.

  2. Sloane Says:

    What the hell are you doing here? You’re supposed to be blogging your fanny off on Torrid. Now you get back there or we’ll have to add this to your list of procrasts.

    YEA! A new site to visit. Thank you, Sinful. Miss Snark? Sounds interesting. I’ll have to take a peek.

    I never knew about the BUTTON. How cool, I can surf faster and accomplish less. We’re making progress here.

    Nope! Not going down the alcohol road with you and the Diva. I’m fat enough, But if your interested, next month under Recipes I’m posting a great little holiday toddy you lovely lushes may enjoy.

  3. For The Trees Says:

    Actually, the very best way to procrastinate and make believe you’re doing something worthwhile is to go read other’s blogs and just add comments. Lots of comments. Long comments. And do it with a straight face.

    “Well, I’m writing!!”


    And Solitaire’s not bad, either. But I tend to do solitaire when I need to let my mind freewheel and think on its own.

    Really, writing comments on people’s blogs is a gas!


  4. Jenna Howard Says:

    Procrastination, my friend, is an art form.

    I don’t do computer games any more. I used to be addicted to Tetrus until I was reading a paperback and I kept putting all the game pieces in the white space. You know you have a problem when.

    Archives on blogs are very dangerous. I have three guys I visit all the time. My own personal harem if you will. Links are on my blog. is hilarious. Funn & vulgar – you’ll love it.

    Okay ‘nuf procrastinating. I must write something. Anything.

    “Something. Anything.” Done! Whoo.

  5. Yasmine Says:

    Still love Tetris, but my son starts at level nine and keeps going. I as so proud that I start at level one. I proscrastinate and blogging is now one of my favorites. Yeah, Jenna and Sherill are addictive and zero Coke and raspberry vodka must be tried. I have a recipte for candied apple martinis. Sounds like Christmas Day to me. Hey, doesn’t proscrastination qualify as writer’s block? Tonite, I can’t write cause I’ve to sit on a tennis clay court, under a heated canvas and watch my son take on a seeded player (means boy has a ranking and may kick my son’s ass). Again with the long ride to the northern suburbs. I’m taking my ipod and RWR for December to distract me. Did anyone notice that the RWA 2005 calendar had 31 days for November instead of 30? Screwed with my head for about a day.

  6. Jenna Howard Says:

    Oh yeah. I was almost late for my own blog day at LSB because of that stupid calendar.

    Proof read people. Proof read.

    I almost thought I had typeset that thing because of the extra day.

  7. Maya Reynolds Says:

    Hi, Sloane: I hate to grin when I saw your mention of Spider Solitaire. My game-of-choice when I’m plotting is Zuma. There are two reasons I like it: It doesn’t require thought so I can keep thinking about my novel while shooting those little colored balls and, second, I can easily pause it when I’m ready to actually type. I go back and forth between the game and the mss until I find my stride and can concentrate on the writing.

  8. Sloane Says:

    well, ya’ll have outdone me. All kinds of new ideas to help me waste my time.

    Forrest, I’ve added comments to blogs and must say it does bring out a certain flair and feeling of accomplishment let alone all the marvelous time spent not writing.

    Jenna, you have mastered procrastination and I must bow to you. I could never get the hang of Tetris even though hours were spent studying it. Thanks for the tip, Emily is adding your harem to my list of best blogs. Damn, they’re hysterical.

    Yasmine, Beth and I will not allow you any more procrastination. Do the words submission, contract, and book cover mean anything? Now put down that damned tennis racket and get back to work!

    Maya, never heard of Zuma but I can hardly wait to find it on the net. Little colored balls hold an appeal I can’t refuse! But I’m not sure about working on the mss at the same time. It seems like cheating on procrastination and the god of laziness might not be happy with me.

    Thank you all for the good advice. See how important it is to have friends? They always come through when you need them.

  9. Jenna Howard Says:

    We’re here for you, Sloane.

    (thumps chest twice, raises two fingers) peace out.

    I’m…uh…really tired.

  10. Jenna Howard Says:

    Ahem – hit submit too freakin soon.

    “We’re here for you, Sloane.” It’s all about support.

    Gad dammit.

    Yeah – My Boys entertain me. Poor guys. lol.

  11. Sloane Says:

    You, Diva, are one insane woman who should also be doing stand-up.