December 12, 2005 | The Soapbox

Beliefs are foisted on us as children. We’re taught our religion is the best or only one, family is all important, the judicial system is fair and just, and there will always be someone who loves you.

What we learn as adults is there are many good religions be they Christian or not, family can and will let you down when you most need them, sometimes good people go to prison by mistake, and it’s not bad going solo.

So why do we have beiefs? What’s their purpose in this world gone mad? This is what I surmised after many days of introspection;

Without my beliefs in God, or at least a higher being, I’d be a lost soul forever seeking the light. Although I’m not a fan of organized religion, it does serve a purpose to educate us and make us feel safe. As we learn more of the world it’s okay to alter our opinions on what we want to support as long as we are being true to our personal beliefs.

Without my daughter I would never have had the joy of seeing, first-hand, an innocent babe evolve into a woman whose own beliefs and character are strong and passionate. A woman who makes me proud.

Without my son-in-law I would have been denied meeting a fine young man who has taught me much about trust and faith.

Without my granddaughters I would never have known the promise of the future and the amazing joy of hearing the first, “I love you” spoken.

Without a judicial system, be it suspect at times, our world would be a sewer.

And love? Without it I would never have known the strength and generosity of a passionate man or the support of true friends.

Over the years my beliefs have changed, altered, and refined. Some have grown stronger while others passed away like violets after the first snow. But what I’ve really learned was without my beiefs, my life would have been a waste.


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7 Responses to “Beliefs”

  1. Jenna Howard Says:

    That was truly beautiful, Sloane.

    We learn so much from those who grace our lives (whether for a short or long period).

  2. Sherrill Quinn Says:

    What you wrote is so true, Sloane. For good or bad, we learn and grow from everyone who passes through our lives. And, if we’re lucky and/or strong, the good outweighs the bad.

  3. Sloane Says:

    Amen, Sistas.

  4. Yasmine Says:

    Belief in a higher being does not require weekly attendance in a building. People can go every week and not get a darn thing out of it. What you said, has more meaning than some of the sermons I’ve heard. Like age, beliefs can get better with age.

  5. Sloane Says:

    I agree with you. One of the best things my mother ever did for us as children was to take us to all kinds of churches, temples, and praying sites. It certainly was an eye-opener at the tender age of five but well worth it.

  6. Kate Lang Says:

    I think belief flows from really knowing yourself…and to be willing to accept and discard what feels right or wrong regardless of what everyone expects. I also think that for us to know our beliefs they need to be challenged and questioned. Blind adherence is not indicative of faith. The beliefs that I hold most dear are the ones I’ve earned, the ones I’ve defended.

  7. Sloane Says:

    You’re a very together, insightful woman, Kate. It can be hard to leave the fold unless a person has your kind of strength.