I think it’s my turn.

December 13, 2005 | Characters

That Sloane chick talks a good game doesn’t she? If she worked half as hard as she gabs I’d be on the bookshelves at Borders.

I am not a pushy woman. In fact I’ve sat back, quietly, for a very long time. But not any longer. It’s time for me to climb out of this stinky manilla folder, shoved to the bottom of the groaning heap Sloane has piled on her writing table, and tell the world just what the heck is going on.

By the way I’m Teddi, the lost heorine you can read about on the Excepts page. Lost, you ask? Yes. The author, and I do use the term loosely, has dragged me from my shell and finally given me a life. Then the author (ha) slammed the folder shut and there I stayed, frustrated because my problems weren’t resolved and quivering for that hot shaft of steel…

STOP! Sloane doesn’t write that way.

Hey, whoever you are, go away. Today is my turn.

All right then I’ll type it her way. Trembling at the thought of having HIM inside me. Pumping. Slowly. In and out until I scream from the sheer pleasure of it all.

The only screaming going on here is me nagging her to get on with it. I’m a nice person with thoughts and feelings. I deserve to be out there in the world. I want the man of my dreams and the future all bright and promising. Yes, I used to have dignity but it’s gone, stripped away as I lay unwanted, incomplete, and sneezing from the dust collected around my story.

Oh no, here she comes! I can hear her slippers slapping against the oak flooring. Have to go, folks. But I’ll be back. Trust me.

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10 Responses to “I think it’s my turn.”

  1. Sherrill Quinn Says:

    Boy. It’s pretty sad when the characters come thumping you with the folder they’ve been stored away in. Bad Sloane. You’d better get to work, or Teddi just might find your 2×4 and use it on YOU.

  2. Yasmine Says:

    I thought you said your characters didn’t talk to you? Well, appparently Teddi’s getting loud and impatient. I would to if you kept promising me sex with a hottie and then didn’t write it. There’s so much foreplay Teddi can stand. The woman ain’t had sex in YEARS!! Wait till David starts tapping his foot. Unless he’s taken Vigara, that passion of his is going to wilt like a balloon. Get it moving. See you tonight. Chapter 4 is done, until you and Hotclue get hold of it. Say, Today is A Good Day, Today is A Power Day!!

  3. Sloane Says:

    No! Not the 2×4!! This is all Yasmine’s fault. She’s the one who started the idea of having the characters blog.I don’t think it’s going to work the way I want.

    My characters DON’T talk to me. And if I ain’t gettin’ it, why the hell should she.

    Well, my little pretty, we’ll just see about chapter four, won’t we? Go over your commas cause I’m in no mood to beat you. Again.

  4. Yasmine Says:

    Bu, but, oh but. Just checked out the December receipe. As soon as Jen the first comes home, I’m making the dish. Must give up vegetarian diet for one night. Commas will unfortunately be my grammar problem for life. At least it’s not spelling or description.

  5. Sloane Says:

    Hey! Is that slur directed to me?

  6. Jenna Howard Says:

    For shame, Sloane.

    For Shame.

  7. Jenna Howard Says:

    Sigh. I just gained five pounds reading your recipes.

    Damn it. And I have my weigh-in tonight.

    That vodka looks pretty interesting though. Hmm.

  8. Sloane Says:

    Weight-in? Why are you dieting? I don NOT believe you can be overweight. Please don’t tell us you’re one of those women who has to have a ridiculously low one digit dress size figure. I couldn’t stand it if you really were insane!

    The vodka along with the olives are a wonderful bit before dinner. Just make sure everyone eats the olives!

  9. Yasmine Says:

    I have a ridiculously small dress size (if you take of the first number to the left). I’m going to read your excerpt right now. We’ll talk about it tonight. Yes?

  10. Sloane Says:

    Sometimes I think the Animal Kingdom has the right idea. Eat your young.

    I love you, Sweetly.