It’s Party Time!

September 2, 2006 | Applause

Author Gabrina Garza, aka Erika Kire, held her book release party for The Viking Stones at the Gary Rail Cats baseball game last night. A huge group of people, along with our friends Dennis, Janine, Mick, and Carmen, came out to celebrate the success of this extremely talented and prolific author. The U.S. Steel Field management ran a Congratulations to Erika Kire banner on the scoreboard as the announcer introduced Erika. Of course our group and the people around us went up for grabs cheering. Erika had plenty of pens and bookmarks to share with everyone.

If you’re into Vikings and hot sex go on over to and check out The Viking Stones. You can also go to Gabrina’s website Welcome to Suburbia for more insight on this up and coming author. Enter into your browser and have a good time.

Congratulations, Erika!!

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