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September 4, 2006 | Promotion

Labor Day is a holiday for most people in the United States, but not for Erika Kire and me. Erika has invited me to join her in a reading at the Red Lion Pub. It’s my first public reading and I admit I’m a little nervous. She’s reassured me there’s nothing to it. We’ll see.

Erika is reading from her new release the Viking Stones. I’ll present two passages from Teddi Turns On and one hot scene from my new book Lonnie Heats Up. we’ll each have pens and bookmarks to pass out to the audience.

Tonight, around 7:00p.m., if you’re out and about in the Chicago land area, please drop by the Red Lion Pub, 2446 N. Lincoln Avenue. I’d be grateful for a friendly face.

Have a good holiday,

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5 Responses to “Join Us”

  1. Sherrill Quinn Says:

    Have fun, Sloane!

  2. Sloane Says:

    Thank you, Ms. Quinn. Sure wish you and the other Hussies were in town. We’d set the Red Lion on fire!

  3. Jeanne Says:

    Darn! Chicago is nowhere near “driving distance” from L.A. 😉

    Have a great time, Sloane. The Hussies will be there in spirit.

  4. Yasmine Phoenix Says:

    Sounds like you guys had a great time! Err, did Hotclue join you?

  5. Sloane Says:

    Nah, Hotclue was off somewhere with the Count. Lucky broad.