The Soft Side of Mary Alice Pritchard

March 22, 2007 | Interviews

ST: Welcome back everyone. Shall we get cracking, Mary Alice?

MAP: I’m ready when you are.

ST: Please describe your writing space.

MAP: I have an office. I’m lucky for someone who works a day job to have it. There is a small building next to my house that was an office before and I have the front room of it as my own personal space. My desk is nearly always covered in papers and I have lime green and yellow cork boards I use to keep track of ideas and character traits leaning all over it. I have some, um, inspirational calendars to gaze at when I need to and I have my book cases overflowing around me.

The muses have a cat tree in the corner that keeps them busy and I have bird feeders outside the windows that provide me and them entertainment. Mostly, it’s cluttered and looks disorganized, but I know where everything is. Oh, and then there are my posters… they are huge cat posters. 😉

ST: I love cats and sincerely miss my Smokey. Mar, what’s your favorite part of writing?

MAP: Starting the first chapter. I love finally getting to put down on paper what’s been ringing around my head for days and sometimes weeks waiting for me to have the time to get it out.

ST: What do you absolutely hate about being an author?

MAP: Waiting to find out if someone likes what I’ve written. If I didn’t have to work, besides write, it wouldn’t matter when I sent things out how long it took to hear back because I would always be writing. But, when you work outside of writing, it has taken so much to make the time to write that you feel like you need to know an answer soon so you can revise or change or re-work.

ST: Your website is gorgeous. I recommend everyone cruise over to check it out. How did you decide on the content and design?

MAP: Oh now that is so nice of you to say that! I’m a klutz with all that sort of thing and being a new writer, I can’t afford to hire it done yet so I had to work on it myself. That meant what I ended up with was what I could figure out how to do. I want something a little different eventually, but it’s fairly easy to navigate which is easier on readers so it works for me right now.

I have to give credit to a very good friend of mine and fellow author, Nita Wick for suffering through my many questions and naggings on setting it up. She was a patient teacher because I’m a nervous web site virgin.

ST: Our time is up, but I want to remind everyone to cruise over to Triskelion Publishing for a look at the new site. While you’re there click onto the New Releases page for an excerpt of SEE HOW THEY DIE.

See you all tomorrow and until then,

Happy Writing!

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