The Soft Side of Lizzie T.

April 19, 2007 | Interviews

ST: Good morning! Below is Lizzie’s gorgeous cover for AMONG THE STONES, a book you’ll definitely want to read.


ST: Welcome back, Lizzie. Tell us how you research your books?

LTL: Books on the subject, googling around on the internet, and sometimes I need to visit an area or talk to people in a profession. For Struck by Lightning, I spent several hours with the weather gurus at local television stations.

ST: Who is your support group?

LTL: My critique group and my family.

ST: And how do they help you?

LTL: My critique partners have no problem in telling me when I get off on the wrong direction. My family, well the kids encourage me and in addition to the encouragement from my husband, he now also does the last read through after edits before it’s returned to the editor. He’s very good at catching things missed by all of us. The more eyes, the better.

ST: In your opinion, what’s the most important thing for a new writer to learn?

LTL: Discipline (which I continue to work on daily) and believe in yourself, even if you’re not getting the support from your family. I let this sideline me earlier and if I had hung in there and continued to learn and grow my abilities, my career would be further along.

ST: How do you handle promotion?

LTL: I’m sure if you ask my editors, they’d say “not very well” since I’m not on the loops a great deal…LOL. I have a monthly chat the 2nd Monday of each month at Realms of Love ; I have a yahoo group, Lizzie’s Tea Room and have group days there from time to time. I also have a MySpace home page, and of course there is my website , which has covers and links for my books, in addition to reviews and a bio on me.

ST: Your website is gorgeous. I recommend everyone cruise over to Lizzie’s site and check it out. How did you decide on the content and design?

LTL: My husband did it all. He thought we should keep it simple and easy for visitors to get around in.

ST: You’re also involved with other sites. Please tell us about them.

LTL: I’m one of the authors at Realms of Love and a moderator at Romance Excerpts Only.

ST: Lizzie, I see it’s time for you to go but I hope you’ll join us again tomorrow.

LTL: Happy to be here, Sloane.

ST: Until then…

Happy Writing!

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