Gazing into the Crystal Ball

April 20, 2007 | Interviews

ST: Good morning! We’re back for our last day with Lizzie T. Leaf, an author you will all want to check out. So Lizzie, tell us what you want to happen in your future?

LTL: Strive to improve the quality of my work and of course, get that six or seven figure contract that all authors dream about…LOL

ST: I certainly hope you achieve that coveted contract and the New York Times Best Sellers List. But if you had one wish that would be granted, no matter what it was, what would you desire?

LTL: World peace? Seriously, this world is in a real mess and if the people spent the energy put into wars, on helping each other during hard times, we’d all be a lot better off. There would be fewer children (and adults) homeless and dying of hunger or disease.

ST: You’re very right. At some time in the near future we’ll all have to do more then contribute to the local soup kitchens.

LTL: I agree.

ST: Lizzie, what’s in the works for us readers?

LTL: I have a contract with Aspen Mountain Press to complete four more books for the Again and Again series. Also, have a contract for a novella with Triskelion for a Halloween anthology coming out this year and I’m working on another Sexy Ladies. Had to set it aside to complete some of the contracted obligations, but it’s back on the work board to be done around the end of Feb.

From there, I have a couple of ideas that fall outside the erotic genre that I want to work on…one being, my heart book.

ST: If you were busy before, you’re going to be swamped now!

LTL: Yes, but I love what I do and want to keep at it for many years to come.

ST: Thank you, Lizzie, for being so open and honest. I appreciate it. And a huge thanks for spending so much time with us. It’s been a great week and I’ve enjoyed learning more about you. The very best to you in the future and keep us posted on your future releases.

LTL: I will and thanks so much for having me.

ST: Don’t forget to check out Lizzie’s website. Have a wonderful weekend and see you all next week. Until then…

Happy Writing!

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