Get in Step with Rochelle Rae Hensler

April 22, 2007 | Hot Damn

And who is she, you ask? Just one of the newest and talented authors of our time.

Here’s the cover for one of Rochelle’s latest releases Clutch Me If You Can.


Now that we’ve caught your attention, here’s the blurb;

HEAT LEVEL – SWEET : Wearing four-inch-heels while attempting to drive a clutch propelled Sarah Lyons into the man of her dreams. Literally. Too bad her Pretty Woman costume scared him away. Jake Reynolds can’t believe a hooker ran into his motorcycle. Business must be slow for her to resort to such tactics. He thinks she’s spectacular to look at, but why can’t he find a nice girl with legs like that? Sarah isn’t really a hooker, she’s a minister’s daughter and is horrified that Jake thinks otherwise. Fortunately, when they bump into each other again, Jake doesn’t recognize her and she is loath to tell him they’ve already met. She believes she’s been given a second chance to make a good first impression. But Jake is nobody’s fool. He suspects he knows her; he just can’t put his finger on where. Is it wrong for Sarah to withhold that information? You be the judge.

Our praise for this outstanding author would not be complete without a review, Five Stars, no less, from The Romance Studio;

“Ms. Hensler has written an extraordinary book. It was such a sweet
story. I found it to be an emotional ride that I will not soon
forget. Even though both Jake and Sarah were tested throughout the
story, they held strong to their values and in the end triumphed by
finding true love. I loved this story and would recommend it to
anyone who needs a little inspiration in his or her lives.”
Reviewer: Sandra
The Romance Studio

Want to learn more? Here’s Rochelle’s bio;

Rochelle Rae Hensler has been writing for nearly ten years. She has been happily married to her wonderful husband John for over twenty-five years. They live in Strongsville, Ohio with their two daughters, Brandi and Brittany, a spoiled Australian cattle dog named Lucy, and a feisty puma cat named Gwen.

Do yourself a favor and hop over to the Triskelion Publishing site and buy yourself a copy of Clutch Me If You Can. It makes a great read!

Tuesday I’ll be back with info on Rochelle’s other release Yesterday’s Tomorrow. Until then…

Happy Writing!

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3 Responses to “Get in Step with Rochelle Rae Hensler”

  1. Tami Dee Says:

    You book sounds so fun! I can’t wait to read it.
    Tami Dee

  2. Bill McClelland Says:

    I would like to get a copy of Clutch Me If You Can for my wife who was a friend of the author. SHe worked with Ms Hensler and knew her well before she passed away.
    I want to get it for her as a Christmas present if I can find a copy.
    Do you know how I can get a copy of the book?

  3. Sloane Says:

    All taken care of, Bill, and glad to help you.