Rochelle Rae Hensler Hits Best Seller List!

April 24, 2007 | Hot Damn

Rochelle has worked hard for the past ten years to be published then hit the market with two outstanding books and made the Best Seller’s List with Clutch Me If You Can. She is an author you’ll want to read.

As promised, here is the cover for Rochelle Rae Hensler’s other new book Yesterday’s Tomorrow.


This is the blurb;

HEAT LEVEL – SWEET : Keeper now and Keeper then, lands and wealth he’ll see. He who secures the realm, his heart’s desire be. If his heart’s desire be a woman steadfast and true, Time will have no hold on them until the spell is through. Brighton Grey has secured the realm for Elizabeth Tudor, fulfilling the prophecy of an ancient magician. But before he could claim his reward, tragedy strikes. Breanna Chandler is a modern woman with a medieval past, a past that comes to life when her best friend regresses her into the court of Elizabeth Tudor, and can’t bring her back. Centuries may separate them, but an ancient magician’s word must be honored, uniting two souls whose love withstands the greatest test of all, the test of time.

How did Ms. Hensler found inspiration for Yesterday’s Tomorrow? Check out the answer below.

Ms. Deveraux’s A Knight in Shining Armor is Rochelle’s favorite paranormal romance. But as much as Rochelle loved the book, she found herself obsessed with the hero, Nicholas Stafford, who had to live out his days without his beloved Dougless by his side. She saw no other recourse, she had to create her own love story where both hero and heroine find their happily ever after in the same time period. Rochelle’s first novel, Yesterday’s Tomorrow, is the result of that effort.

If you want a good book to cuddle up with then cruise on over to the Triskelion Publishing site for your own copies of Yesterday’s Tomorrow and Clutch Me If You Can.

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