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May 23, 2007 | Interviews

ST: We’re back with Jennifer Loy author of RODEO DRIVE. Good morning, JLo and thank you for being available for us.
JL: Glad to be here, Sloane. What’s on the agenda today?

ST: First I’d like to tell the readers to check out your website for information on your upcoming books.
JL: I’d love everyone to take a look.

ST: How about telling us more on your writing habits? Are there any quirks you have or do before or while you’re writing?
JL: I have a CD compilation for every novel I write. Music is my muse. I listen to a song in my car or on my headphones until the scene is complete in my head and then I write it all down.

ST: Who or what encouraged you to write erotica?
JL: I have only written one erotic and it hasn’t been accepted. It was a dare to myself to see if I could write it at all without giggling. It turned out pretty good actually. I mostly write romantic comedy and romantic suspense. I have written a romantic fantasy involving Mermen. It turned out very creative.

ST: Where do you get the ideas for your novels?
JL: I get my ideas from people around me and things that happen in my life. The fantasy and erotic were just stories I created to challenge myself.

ST: How do you research your books?
JL: Mostly the internet. The internet holds all the information I’ve needed so far.

ST: Who is your support group?
JL: Well originally my support group was the RWA Aloha chapter in Hawaii. Now that I’m living in Las Vegas, I have turned to the fabulous group of Triskelion authors that continue to coach me though my questions and problems as they arise.

ST: Thanks for your time, Jennifer, and we’ll see you in the morning.
JL: I’ll be here bright and early.

ST: Please join us again on Wednesday for more on spunky Jennifer Loy. In the mean time check out JLo’s site and of course feel free to post questions or comments here.

Happy Writing!

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